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Re: The Santa Cruz Chemtrail Action Network is born!!!

We are working with a researcher with far far more creditials than you my friend:

Frankly, no one is "trying to convince you" of anything. If you want to stick your head in the sand and hide behind your so called "credentials",
that's your choice. The facts and the evidence speak for themselves for any thoughtful person who is willing to take the time to do a little research. You can start your journey out of your ostrich hole here:

If you read this research (which is a tiny sampling of what is now available) and you still are unconvinced, I would really question what your agenda is.

Ps. don't be afraid to admit you were wrong. Please don't hold on to your guarded illusions, just to save face or protect your ego.

The Chemtrails are real, and even if you think it is a total flakey "conspiracy theory", the fact remains, you are breathing the stuff all day every day! words do not and cannot change the reality of fact.

pps. you could be a massive asset to the thousands of people in Santa Cruz county who are very much concerned about this very real phenomenon. Santa Cruz is being sprayed almost every day. Believe it or not.

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