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Re: What are ChemTrails?

I hope it makes you feel better to discount the evidence, and deny the reality of chemtrails. actually, if you care to take the time to do the research, there is tons of documentation, and verification, even from air traffic controllers themselves about the reality of chemtrails.

There are various things being sprayed, and aluninum oxide and barium salts have come up repeatedly as two of them. Other things have been found at various sites as well.

It's not about believing everything you read on the web or any other place. It's seeing the volume of research and documentation of chemtrails (which is vast and from all across the country, and which all definitely confirms without a doubt the existance of the Chemtrail operation. Of course anyone with eyes, can look up and start to notice them. Santa Cruz is being sprayed every single day, and there is nothing they are happier about than cynical people who want to argue about weather it is real or not. It's real alright, and weather you know it or not is not going to change anything! YOU ARE BREATHING WHATEVER IT IS THEY SPRAYING, EVERY SINGLE DAY, WEATHER YOU "BELIEVE" IN CHEMTRAILS OR NOT!!!

Read the articles on: to see a sampling of the evidence. It is very real, and the researcher we are directly working with on this project has massive credentials, has won international journalism awards, and is far far more credible than any two bit "naysayer" that pops up on this thread with some kind of arrogant yet baseless denials of a proven multi billion dollar government operation that has been going on for years!
Go to will thomas' site and find out the truth and the reality. the comments by jerry and chemtrailschemtrailschemtrails above, have now substance and now qualifications or documentation behind them. the facts speak for themselves.

your ignorance or arrogance will not save you.

The Chemtrails are real friends. Wishing them away is not going to make them go away. Grow up.

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