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A "Human Rights Abroad' Councilmember "Responds" to Human Rights in Santa Cruz

A City Councilman Speaks and An Activist Replies

From: R Scott Kennedy <kenncruz (at) To: Becky Johnson <Becky_Johnson (at)
Becky [Johnson of HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom]:
In regards to your phone message, the cost of correcting the planter near Costa Brava will more than be offset over time by the savings in Police personnel hours having to deal with social problems manifesting themselves there.
Three cranky "activists" don' have enough "sway" to counteract the public interest in removing the attractive nuisance that the seating on the planter has become.
-- [Councilmember] Scott [Kennedy]

May 28, 2003 Dear Scott,
You need a reality check. There will be no "savings" in police budgets. When has the police budget in Santa Cruz gone anywhere but up? When have you EVER opposed any increase in the police budget? Why aren't you screaming bloody murder about the insanity of using expensive police man-hours ($22/hr) to cite and arrest people for blowing bubbles, tossing a frisbee, playing hacky-sack, not moving a political table after an hour, for giving a tarot card reading without a permit, misdemeanor possession of a milk crate, asking for spare change from a seated position (Gandhi would have a lot to say about that one!), sitting less than 14 ft. from a building, putting a foot up on the lip of a tree well, standing on a stationary skateboard, playing a flute too near a building, covering up with a blanket to keep warm at night, asking for food after dark with a sign, and of course, the Sleeping Ban?
And now that the State is no longer reimbursing the $180 booking fee at the Santa Cruz County Jail, why aren't you directing the police to make only those arrests which are for real crimes like assault, battery, theft, vandalism, arson, burglary, fraud, and kidnapping? If you got rid of your anti-homeless laws, you could save a ton of money!
I note that the manager of the Pacific Trading Company has called the police, the hosts, the CSO's or 911 twenty-two times in just 43 days. Maybe we should declare the Pacific Trading Company a public nuisance and save a ton of money for the City. How much does 22 calls for service cost?
So you have only been contacted by 3 "cranky activists" and hence don't think you should provide for a public hearing on walling off the planter for public use? We had 35 "cranky activists" opposing the downtown ordinances and only Keith Holtaway speaking in favor of them. You passed them all unanimously. Shows how little you regard public input on the issue of what kind of town we want to have.
There was plenty of opposition to the privatization of "Hippie Planter" too. Note, both Ali Baba's Cafe & Sushi Now! have gone out of business AFTER you closed the planter to public seating in an effort to improve the profitability of those businesses. So we lost out and they lost out. Great leadership, Scott!! --Becky Johnson

>From: R Scott Kennedy >To: Becky Johnson Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 9:56 AM
> > Becky: Please excuse me but I wouldn't dream of being "checked" by your "reality."

Call City Council at 420-5017

Demand a Full Public Debate on the $12,000 Anti-Hippie Grant to Remove the
Seating Area Near Pacific Trading Company, Rosie McCann’s, and Costa Brava.

(Flyer by HUFF)

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