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Re: Impeach Bush on the 4th of July!

That would be great!
Regarding the 'WMD shit', although I'm glad that it's causing more mainstream people, mostly Dems looking for election fodder, to look at the Bush administration's actions, they're looking in the WRONG place, and seem to be missing the big picture.
In fact if I were a Karl Rove, I can't think of a better way to finally put to rest naysayers than to get them to focus on the defense that I wanted to present, at first feigning weakness, and then once they bite, show my hand.
Bush needs to be impeached not based on whether or not WMDs are found, but for a long history of lies, breaching international treaties (which according to our constitution are the supreme law of our land once entered into), condoning assassinations, threatening and then making an unauthorized first-strike attack on a sovereign nation, providing forged evidence to both the U.N. and the American public and on and on. This latest lashing out by Dems to further their elections makes me quite nervous because it greatly misses the point, and could give much needed legitimization of Bush's defense if WMDs are found.
Even if all the WMDs that Powell said Iraq possessed were true, it still doesn't amount to an imminent threat warranting a first-strike attack and invasion by the U.S. The WMD argument is merely the administrations best defense, a losing defense that could have its credibility enhanced and strengthened by those trying to prove it untrue.

Then again, I can't tell you how pleased I was to hear the 'I' word actually said on mainstream T.V. a couple days ago.

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