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Re: Santa Cruz Activist Jailed by Feds!

Lindsay is an amazing person and an amazing activist. My heart breaks at the thought of her being a kidnapped citizen held without charge for an unknown duration of time. She needs our support, she needs vegan food, she needs to be free, and all of us need to show the FBI that draconian tactics such as these do not fly in what is advertised as a "free country".

It is in every social justice movement's intrests to support her in this situation. To allow the FBI to kidnap an non-targeted individual and force them to aid an investigation is unconstitutional and criminal. To let this continue without resistance is to assure the feds that they can continue utilizing these tactics, and could open up floodgates of repression on activist collectives of all genres.

I would urge everyone in every struggle to give a portion of their time to resisting this grand jury and assuring lindsays freedom and the the constitutional freedoms of all americans.

Lindsay deserves to be home with her loved ones, not held without vegan food, not forced to be extridited to New Jersey, not to be forced to answer questions about activist collectives!

Write letters of support to Lindsay
Write the judge letters of protest
Write/call the jail demanding she be fed vegan food.
Protest the 11 draconian federal grand jury probes into activist collectives.


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