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FBI criminal behavior

Why do people keep harping about unconstitutional and criminal behavior of police?

What we have here is a state of full legal anarchy. The Constitution was a fine gentlemen's agreement of sorts, but our lauded "rule of law" has collapsed. There are so many technicalities and loopholes anymore that it's a joke.

The cops have the weapons. The cops have the armor. The cops have the communications. The cops have the strategies. The cops have the prisons.

We don't have jack shit.

So the cops win, time and time again. Every day, on the streets, in the alleys, in our cars, in the city parks, at our jobs, and in our homes the cops win and we lose.

Every day.

How many times must the other team disregard the rules of the game, before you realize that they're no longer playing the game?

They rule us through force, and only force will free us. Pacifism is rationalized cowardice and negotiated surrender.

We know, in our hearts, what is right and wrong. Human laws cannot dictate these things, they can only respect or violate them. Obedience to right and wrong, is morality. Obedience to legal and illegal, is merely submission.

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