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Re: This Wednesday Hiroshima Day Die-In at SC Town clock

Stewart you *are* a nerd.

I just watched a video about Albert Einstein (available at the central branch of the public library) which along with a brief discussion of the bomb's development and Einstein's eventual opposition to it, contains a clip of one of the pilots who dropped it on the Japanese.

He's a Clark Gable lookalike in an airforce uniform with a drawl and a strange smile who talks about the clouds opening up..." when I dropped the bomb on the target...that was my greatest thrill..." (strange smile).

One can only wonder. During a recent discussion I was told that since that time there have been "1000 feet of books written" debating whether the dropping of the bomb saved lives. No amount of discussion could persuade my conversational partner that this question had ever been solved.

One of the scientists who had worked on the development of the atomic bomb (sorry I do not remember his name) stated in the above mentioned video that "We never wanted the bomb dropped on a Japanese City. We wanted it dropped (elsewhere, one assumes somewhere where it would do less harm) as a demonstration". He goes on to say that after WWII the "Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists" (nominally headed by Einstein) formed to stop the development and use of this destructive (and cheap notes Linus Pauling..."One of the cheapest ways there is to kill people") bomb. The same un-named scientist commented, that this endeavor became useless "of course, after the Hydrogen bomb was developed".

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