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Re: This Wednesday Hiroshima Day Die-In at SC Town clock

According to my research the Japanese were developing 'Kantai Kessen Plan' while the Americans had 'Plan Orange'. As the Americans had the upper hand the Kantai Kessen Plan relied on a surprise first strike. This preceded Pearl harbor.

The Japanese navy (including Admiral Yamamoto who is said to have originated the Pearl Harbor Strategy) was opposed to war with the Americans. Yamamoto considered the production cacpacity of the Americans to be insurmountable. It was the Japanese army, heavily involved in China, which was the major advocate.

In 1941, after with the movement of the Japanese army into French Indochina, the Americans stopped exporting oil and steel to Japan. This was seen in Japan as a major blow to it's ability to defend itself against the American navy. Prime Minister Konoye and the navy attempted to make a deal with the Americans. FDR refused. At this point the Konoye government was overthrown by the army and a new form (US naval forces having moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor) of the Kantai Kessen Plan was carried out.

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