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Lyndsay free and heading home! Questions asked at Grand Jury

July 2, 2003

We are pleased to announce that, as we write this email, Lindsay Parme is on a plane back to California.

Lindsay was essentially kidnapped by the FBI from her home in Santa Cruz on June 12th for failing to appear before a grand jury to which she was subpoenaed in January. (Read Lindsay's statement on the reasons for her refusal here:

Since being supoenaed in January, Lindsay and her lawyer made it clear that she would not participate in this political witchhunt and would asert her rights to freedom of speech and association (the First) and against self-incrimination (the Fifth) to every question.

Nontheless, she was arrested by the FBI and transferred from California to Washington State to Oklahoma City to Philadelphia to Monmouth County and finally, to Newark, New Jersey. There she went before the grand jury, asserted her rights to every question and did not answer any of them (the questions are listed below). She was then released and is currently on her way home.

Lindsay's experience stands as a clear example of standing firm and not being intimdated in the face of government repression. Even when threated with months in jail, Lindsay did not back down from what she knew was right. Only with this sort of firm resolve can we demonstrate our complete unwillingness to give up our rights - and highlight the futility in the government's attempts to take them away. We stand being Lindsay and applaud her strength.

Questions Asked: (see the inquiry your tax dollars are paying for)

This is a general summary of the questions asked. A more detailed list will be up on the Grand Jury report shortly. Lindsay plead the Fifth Amendment to every question except her name.

(1) What is your name?

(2) Do you know about a call that was placed to the SHAC USA office during a Marsh office occupation in California?

(3) Do you know who made the call?

(4) How do you feel about Marsh employees being terrorized?

(5) What do you know about SHAC?

(6) What do you know about No Compromise?

(7) Do you know Kevin [last name]?

(8) Do you know Lauren [last name]?

(9) Do you know Nik [last name]?

(10) Are you taking notes so that SHAC can publish them on its website?

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