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Re: We Will Shut Down the Safeway on Mission St. in Santa Cruz

Before you brilliant people who are planning on protesting this protest go out of your way to do so, why dont you take a step back and look at this as a bigger issue than you personally not having the ability to shop at Safeway. This protest is not some pointless publicity stunt. If you havent ready anything about why these strikes are taking place, I suggest you do so. The healthcare of the workers inside this store is at jeopardy. All youre doing by shopping there during a strike is confirming to the corporation that runs safeway is that you are OK with them stripping the benefits of their employees. Please dont make such reactionary decisions. Realize that your decision to shop at Safeway is negatively affecting the lives of 70,000 striking unionmembers when you support safeway. These are peoples lives we're talking about. There are thousands of families that actually depend on the benefits that are about to be stripped from them.
Please try to see these issues from standpoints other than in the extremely selfish ways. Try to put yourself in the the shoes of someone who is about to lose their heathcare if this strike is not successful. Think about your own healthcare. does your work provide it? Do you pay for it yourself? Well these are people who absolutely depend on it, and dont have the priveledge that you might take for granted

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