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Re: Grocery strike reality check

I don't appreciate "What I'm about to say will be very unpopular in Santa Cruz" type statements they make little sense to me, if someone is not open to alternative perspectives it is of no use to tell them they are not, and serves to reduce the quality of your argument.

You bring up some good points but in all your ‘hard realism’ in relating market forces to job security it is quite out of place to make a statement such as “It's called single-payer. The quickest way to make it happen is to get employers out of the healthcare business.? Ignoring strong market forces at play in insuring we don’t have a single payer system. To neglect these market forces and their political implications is just as irrational as the compensation expectations of Grocery employees with the advent of ‘supercenter’ in the market place.

Ultimately I think the union is well aware the potential of the grocers going out of business as a result of their demands and market conditions. But their argument is only strengthened by that fact. If no agreement can be meet and the company goes out of business or the employees are locked out permanently the employees will obviously lose a great deal more then the employers. But they know this and strike anyway because they have demands that are waited more then maintaining their job. fair compensation or no compensation at all.

If not all the strikers and activists are aware of this they should be informed as your writing may help do. But I believe your characterization of them not understanding the market principals of the situation is unfair.

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