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Politics before people

Santa Cruz protesters are putting politics before people.

It isn't N. Cal Safeway employees who are striking - it's S. Cal employees! If you want to protest, drive down to LA. Seems to me the local Safeway employees here don't want your "help".

Rebels without a cause?

So anyway - yes you did hurt business there yesterday. I stepped inside to see for myself; pretty empty for 6pm. Congratulations. But did you stop to consider how this will hurt the employees there?

Employer and employee exist in a symbiotic relationship. You can't hurt one without hurting the other. How will this financial loss trickle down to the workers? One less job opening? Fewer promotions? Maintenance and upgrades that get delayed?

The grocer didn't want you there. The employees didn't want you there. The customers didn't want you there? So who were you there for?


Clearly you are involved in this for all the wrong reasons. Please stop using the cause of social justice for your own ego gratification if you can't avoid doing more harm than good.

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