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Re: We Will Shut Down the Safeway on Mission St. in Santa Cruz

The only difference between Walmart and Safeway as employers is that the workers at Safeway have won union contracts that have bettered their situations.

As for northern California versus southern California protests/strikes what we are dealing with is all one company and needs to be shut down everywhere. Allowing Safeway to continue to make profits in other parts of the country, including here, is part of the failure of the strategy of the UFCW leadership. All union work for the company should cease to save the jobs and healthcare of the southern California workers.

Another part of this failure of the UFCW leaderships strategy is boycotting only one store when three companies are working together to break this strike.

Rank and file workers should demand the union misleadership join them in shutting down Vons/Safeway, Albertson's, Ralph's/Krogers!

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