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Re: Calling All Women and Men for the Global Women's Strike

Alright, then what about the unpaid labor of men? Every time your father or husband takes out the garbage, or fixes a faucet or door knob or the garbage disposal or dish washer or changes the oil on the family car..

What about the unpaid labor OF MEN, without whom the world would come to an end equally as fast?

Oh that's right, men are inferior. We dont make equal contributions.

A housewife is paid for her labor, in the money her husband provides for her survival and comfort (rent, food, gas, clothes, education, entertainment).

If you expect us to believe that the women of the world are all out there full-time in the workplace and then still coming home to their men and doing a full June Cleaver shift while their men sit on the comfy chair and wait for dinner, you're living in some fantasy world to feed your own sense of righteous indignation.

Besides, I dont even have a wife, and the "free lunches" my mother made for me will be passed on to my children some day.

Your gender discrimination against men is obvious.
You hate us so much, you cant even see our equal contributions.

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