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Temporary setback in SF

My, this is a fast-paced issue! The California Supreme Court just ordered San Francisco to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Interestingly, the Court is not taking up the larger question: does the state or federal constitution compel recognition of same-sex marriage? Instead, the Court will rule on San Francisco's right to violate a state law that it deems unconstitutional. Apparently, the Court will rule within 90 days after hearing. [ All details per the San Francisco Chronicle, ]

The temporary end of same-sex weddings in San Francisco is unfortunate. If anyone needs advice about the process of getting married in Ontario, Canada, I would be happy to help. And as we wait for the hearing and the eventual ruling, let us push hard on government officials at all levels, so that the rights and responsibilities of same-sex couples can be strengthened right now, under the existing legal framework.

P.S.: I just checked, which is running the apocalyptic headline, "California's top court blocks gay marriages". The first paragraph of the article goes back on this. "The court did not rule on the legality of gay marriages".

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