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Thinking Strategically.

Yes we need the political party of the people. Do you want to build that campaign, starting small as you say, under the second reign of Bush or Kerry. Cause it is certainly going to be one of them. You say you are looking toward the future. That means far beyond 8-10 months from now, right? So, maybe you don't care if you are living and doing your building of the people's party under Bush or Kerry. I do. I am able to make distinctions between the two. Not blur them over in political jargon.
On the other hand, The system itself, including the corporate/elite, Trilateral Commision, Rockafellers, CFR, etc. as well as the secret societies and movers and shakers behind the scenes who are running the show FAR FAR more than the person hood of the president will remain.

You want to change the entire system, not just the representative of that currupt system (democrat vs. rebublican)? Fine. That's going to take some time. Allot is going to have to happen before the people are ready to accept that. Realistically it could take years and years. We don't really know how many.

I fully, absolutely commend you for working for the vision of an enlightened leadership Steve.
The point is, do you want to do it under the reactionary right wing agenda of W. Bush or a far more sane and tempered administration of John Kerry. If you do not see a difference, than it wouldn't matter. But I do see a difference.

I did not say I would rather not vote than give my vote to Leonard. That is a misquote.
I am saying clearly, though the system is currupt, Kerry will buy us more time. I don't think he will impliment the same policies. Bush's policies are radical and ideologically motivated to an exteme that has never been seen in this country. While changing presidents will not change the underlying system, which is what you are talking about, not acknowleging the distinctions between the two is a serious disservice. Ralph Nader had that angle and it helped Bush get into office. Now many regret believing the lie that there are no differences. Gore may have been a bit colorless as a personality, but he certainly was no George Bush. Neither is John Kerry.
We cannot afford to make that mistake again. No way.

Let's continue our good activism under an administration that will be far more protective of the environment, far less trigger happy to invade other countries and discard international law and public opinion, with a president that is not idealogically blinded and will not create and foster a climate of fear and lies at home and abroad.

Unless you plan on subverting the dominant paradigm in the next 6 months Steve, which it appears you don't, please consider under which administration you want to continue planting your good seeds.

It is called thinking strategically. Sometimes you have to make a short term compromise to realize a greater gain later. I truly believe you will be able to accomplish vastly more in your activism and work in the next four years under John Kerry's presidency than four more years of Bush. The terror they have planned for us will not foster the environment that people will want to hear about a third party.


In the climate of fear that Bush and co. will continue to create, it will be very very difficult to accomplish much.

In a more moderate climate people will be much more likely to entertain higher options, like Leonard or Dennis. I strongly believe this to be true.

Think strategy!

Look to the future but stay in the present.

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