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Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

"Apparently you think it's going to be a'ok if the capitalist system rolls on and that is precisely where I find fault with your argument."

It has nothing to do with me thinking it is a'ok. It is not. But it is going to roll on for now. Like it or not. The country is hardly ready to change from the capitalist system at this point. No matter who you voted for in the primary.

"So if it doesn't get worse, it's gonna be sorta ok? You'll settle then? Because I won't."

I never said it's gonna sorta be ok. The point is that the race is between Bush and Kerry. Like it or not. You can say "fuck the democrats and republicrats" all you want, but it is just political masterbation at this point. The system may be currupt to the core, but It isn't going to become your vision of socialism or whatever you think for a long time. You can whine all you want, and you can not see any differences all you want. The differences may be ultimately different shades of the same agenda, which is being orchestrated by forces much greater (figuratively speaking) than the person hood of the president, but those differences, in my opinion, matter at this point. I do not believe that a Kerry administration will be the same as the Bush administration. There are degrees, and those matter allot right now in my opinion.
"You think things are going to get better with Kerry? I hate to say this but it will be too bad if Kerry does get elected because it would put so many lefties liberals and those teetering on the fence right back to sleep thinking everything's hunkydory because we have a democrat in the white house! Think again! Remember Clinton?"

I totally disagree. There has been a major wake up call in the past 3 1/2 years, and I do not think the left/liberals are going to go back to sleep, as they did during the Clinton years. There is far more awareness now, thanks to W's exteme right wing reactionary agenda.

"Also, Kerry voted for the war in Iraq! How you can conceivably be for peace and support him?"

I am not looking for my politicians to bring peace to the world. It isn't going to happen, and I am not that naive. I certainly am not naive enough to think that Leanord or a third party has any chance at all, so a fantasy of a perfect leader being elected at this stage in the game is totally out of touch with reality.

"By the way I voted for Peltier in the primary."

Good for you. You clearly want Bush reelected so that the left can really wake up this time. I'm sure the Bush administration will welcome your help. This is exactly what the right wing agenda loves. that's why they funded the Nader campaign in 2000. Why not see if they'll fund Leonard's campaign this time around?

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