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With government being as hostile as they are to dissent and any form or presentation of new or free thoughts and ideas,why in the world would anarchists anywhere advertise where the are,what there objectives are and who participants are?

When government on any and every level violate peoples rights,they don't advertise it or announce it before hand.

I'm not attempting to be either a naysayer or dommsayer with regard to this,yet,people need to use proper strategy in order to get the maximum of benefits from what they are doing.

If I were doing something like this,I would be extremely discreet about it realizing that anything open to the public in these bizarre times,could be open to disruption by those who oppose anarchists the most.

Police and other organs of government are successful at smashing and disorganizing all that they don't like because they understand that organizers are open about what they are doing and like to have open participation where they don't know any of the people who might take part.

What I'm saying is that anarchists and others like them should borrow the successful tactics of government and then use them to their advantage.

I wish you success with your plans and I also wish you would keep the things I've written in mind.

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