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Re: Zionism, Nazism, and Radical Islam -A History Lesson For Becky Johnson

Becky, you say that someone agreeing with me is tantamount to telling Jews to blow themselves up. Yet in advocating justice and equal rights for the Palestinian people I have very clearly opposed murderous attacks that target the Hebrew speaking civilians.

Becky, it is interesting to see that you are now blaming Hamas and not the P.A. for the suicide bombings. I would not have been able to get that out of you a year ago. What do you think of the help Hamas has received from the Israeli state? What do you think of the aid Hamas gets from the U.S. puppet government in Saudi Arabia? What do you think of my contention that Israel has been carrying out attacks on key Hamas leaders in order to keep the suicide attacks coming so that the Zionist government can will have more political backing as they continue to carry out genocide against the Palestinian people?

Becky, you ask if the billions of dollars in U.S. military aid to the repressive governments of Israel and Egypt should be cut off. I do. You then think that this would be justification for Israel to go to war with Egypt and take their oil. Yet I have news for you: without U.S. military aid Israel's ability to wage wars against the Arab peoples would soon end. Instead of killing Arabs that money could be used to house the homeless in the US.

I disagree with all notions that the U.S. should place preconditions on the Israeli settler state for ending U.S. military aid to Israel. By inference these are the preconditions for continuing U.S. military aid to the Israeli Zionist state. In addition it assumes that the U.S. is not directly responsible for the murderous actions of the Israel, but instead could actually play a progressive role in reigning in Israel. This is a false assumption of the role of U.S. imperialism. Instead we should demand the U.S. stop creating war and conflict by propping up the genocidal and racist government of Israel by getting out.

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