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Re: Santa Cruz Anarchist Infoshop Now Open

The point of someone calling themselves an anarchist is to put forward and defend an ideology that they think will help create a better world. Bourgeois public opinion as created in the corporate media should not be the deciding factor in how we define ourselves. We should instead directly challenge those demonizations.

It is also worth remembering that the most demonized leaders and ideas are those that the people turn to in large numbers during revolutionary times.

I am not an anarchist, but I support the democratic rights of anarchists. As such I find the case of Sherman Austin very troubling and call for his immediate release.

The question of the Green Party is an important one and natural to come up in discussion about anarchism because many anarchists support the Green Party. I am also not a Green Party member and I do not see their party's electoral activity as an example of how to challenge the capitalist system. I do, however, appreciate the fact that they are challenging (to a degree) the Democrat Party in the electoral arena.

But the Green Party is not challenging capitalism. They are actually a capitalist party themselves. They're difference with capitalism as an economic system is only with its size. The Green Party advocates a society with an economy based on small businesses. Yet small businesses are often less efficient and more exploitative of workers than large-scale capitalist production.

The Peace and Freedom Party, as a socialist party, does not fight over which capitalists get to exploit us. We fight for a socialist planned economy that will be able to meet human needs and solve environmental problems in an economy not based on profit. We see that such a society can only be brought about through the struggles of the working class and its allies for power.

Here in Santa Cruz, Green Party member Tim Fitzmaurice rules as a city council member carrying out oppression against the homeless, socialists, and others that he and his fellow Democratic City Council members see as threats to business interests big and small. The Santa Cruz Green Party itself has done little to distance them selves from this oppressor who voted for the anti-homeless sleeping ban and the law against political tabling for over an hour downtown. Instead of opposing Fitzmaurice they have chosen to regularly publish his writings in their newsletter.

Another key difference between the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party is our positions on the right to bare arms. The Peace and
Freedom Party supports the right to bare arms as a fundamental right
of the people to defend ourselves from murderous government agents
whether they be the local cops, the FBI, or any other agency. We
also support that same right to defend ourselves from right-wing
paramilitary forces such as GOON death squads or the KKK.

Among other things, organizing unions to bring up the wages and
benefits of workers across the south often takes, and will take on a larger scale, a direct confrontation with the terror tactics of the KKK.

Those who think the working class should be disarmed while the government gets to hold on to the most sophisticated weapons on earth, have a dangerous faith in the capitalist government. Likewise, it is a mistake to think that we can end the evils of this system, evils from wars to exploitation and environmental degradation, through being nice to each other and building community and coming together on the liberal lowest common denominators that do not challenge the power of the capitalist political parties.

In response to an earlier posting, “Anarchist Infoshop Opening This Spring� I posted, “Congratulations on the opening of your Anarchist Infoshop. I wish you success. I hope there is also room for socialist ideas within the framework of your project as well.� I have not gotten a single positive response to this, so I can only conclude that I and other socialists are not welcome. Thanks for the warning, enjoy your tea, we will stay away.

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