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Santa Cruz continues to be illegally sprayed with Chemicals, yet most don't even care!!!

The sun is the sun, idiot. Chemtrails are not contrails. Normal jet contrails will typically dissolve and dissapear within minutes. Contrails are normail jet exaust which accurs at certain temperatures, altitudes, and humidity levels. Remember watching a plane with a tail when you were younger. (depending on your age, you may not even remember what a normal jet contrail looks like). The tail follows the plane, as the plume quickly dissolves.

Chemtrails, on the other hand are systematically sprayed by unmarked U.S. govt. refueling airforce tankers. They are sprayed in patterns that defy normal contrail formation patters, and the flights defy normal air traffic regulations and patterns. The Aerosol Chemical Spray Operation is going on all over the U.S., Canada, and all other Nato countries. It is an illegal, covert, Nato/military operation, which was fully implimented in 1998 after decades of testing.
Once someone realizes what is taking place in our skies, virtually every day, they see that it is so obvious, that it is hard to believe that people don't notice.
There is a very real and valid reason that people do not, and do not WANT to notice. The reason is that the implications are too huge. We are very comfy in our life here in Santa Cruz. Who wants to have their illusions shattered with awareness of the FACT that chemicals are being released over our heads, day after day, and night after night, without our awareness, what to say of our permission.

It is MUCH easier to make stupid jokes, or decry the bringer of such disconcerting news, than to face the truth.

We are being sprayed DAILY and wheather or not you BELIEVE in Chemtrails has NOTHING to do with it!!

Like to eat organic? Love your healthy lifestyle? Like to do yoga and such? Well, you need to know, that our air is FULLY SATURATED with some kind of chemical coctail that is being sprayed in front of our very eyes.

We just need to open them a little wider, and notice. Go to the local website: and do some research.

If it is good for us, then why are they denying it?

If a govt agent came at you with an aerosol can and said trust me, it's good for you, would you just stand there and breath deep?

What if he came at you spraying some crap, but when you asked him about it, he said "it's perfectly normal, there is nothing going on" would you just go back to sleep and breath the chemicals cheerfully?

Folks, what is it going to take to get people in the streets demanding an explanation of this illegal assault on our health and rights?

If you don't step up now, you will pay later, that's for sure.

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