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Chemtrails are NOT normal jet Contrails!

Dear Skeptic of it all,

This point is not that normal jet contrails don't have their own attributes, and sure they have an effect on the environment etc. as the above post mentions. Here's the thing: Chemtrails are not Contrails. So there are two totally different things going on that look the same. I am not denying the information about Contrails. It just simply has nothing to do with Chemtrails. Also I want to point out this the above information is exactly what government agencies will disseminate to confuse concerned citizens who inquire about what the heck is going on in their sky. I have heard they will even show photos of Chemtrails and have a caption stating it is a normal jet contrail. I have even heard that Sam Farr is disseminating disinformation and confusing science to blur the fact that Chemtrails and Contrails have NOTHING to do with each other. They only nominally look the same for a few moments. You can tell for sure if a trail is a normal jet contrail if it lingers for more than a few minutes. I have spoken to hundreds of people over the past year. Everyone old enough remembers normal jet contrails. They remember watching the plane, with a tail following it, which would quickly disperse. I NEVER remember seeing long trails that slowly disperse over hours and end up covering the entire sky with a white haze. The disinfo people say that in extreme conditions that Contrails can last a half hour, an hour or longer. That may be so. But Contrails do NOT day after day show up in grid like patterns that defy normal air traffic patterns.
Please understand that they want YOU to be confused. They want to blur the issues so you do not believe it. They know that when the public finds out the truth about the illegal covert military operations going on in the skies of America, people will demand answeres, and they probably will NOT like what they hear.

Over Santa Cruz they are increasingly trying to hide the spray operation. They are increasingly spraying at night, so by the time we wake up people will not notice that the haze, and misty clouds rolling in are really dispersed Chemicals, NOT clouds. Who would believe it? Who will notice? Not many!

In a tribe or a flock, there is often just one person who will be aware of and make the flock aware of an impending threat. Consider yourself alerted.

The truth WILL come out, because there is just too much awareness growing and too much documentation comming out. Someday, hopefully not too long from now, the truth WILL come out. You can thank me then. Until then, you can think whatever you want, and believe whatever you want.

I hope you wake up soon and help alert others. What has been most shocking is not so much the the cover up of illegal chemical spraying over the population. The U.S. government has a long documented history of chemical and biological testing on the American people, both military and civilian. What is really shocking and disconcerting is that in this otherwise conscious, healthy, organic, and politically aware town, that people have not noticed. It is obvious to me that they have gradually increased the spray operation over the past 6 or so years, with the purpose of conditioning us to get used to seeing these chemical trails in the sky. I've had people say to me: " that's perfectly normal, I've been seeing those for years"! Exactly what they want you to think.

It is not normal. We are breathing whatever it is EVERY DAY VIRTUALLY WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The probability that there are extreme and varied negative health effects of these dispersed particulate is 100%. Do you trust the government to tell you the truth about this? They are lying about it, straight up. Don't wait for daddy to tell you. There is more than ample documentation pointing toward massive, multiple, illegal, Nato wide geoengeneering/weather modification programs going on. And that's what we KNOW of. I don't even want to think of what else may be going on here. What is DOCUMENTED is enough to cause a public outrage, and a demand for accountability.

If enough people can wake up.

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