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Re: City Council Blocks Affordable Apartments

this article demonstrates a fundamental relationship in our capitalist society. The petty bourgeois homeowners have antagonistic class interests to the working class renters. Obviously this is a broad generalization, but generally speaking it is accurate to state that petty bourgeois folks have material interests that are opposed to the interests of the rest of us. I think its unreasonable to expect them to do the right thing out of the goodness of their heart. We have to force them to be at our material level or force them to bring us up to theirs. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat this scenario again and again. We need revolutin to endthe war in iraq, to take over corporations in the interest of the workers, and yes, we need revolution to take control of property and political apparatus at the local level. We should fight for things within the system as a stepping stone for something greater. Lets get real and overthrow capitalism. Our "neighbors" are cannibals.

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