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Re: Sahar Saba of RAWA in Santa Cruz

You are backing one particular Afghan organization while ignoring others. To say that I must agree with your one organization because a lot of liberals and leftists in the United States make the mistake in backing it and parading it around, is wrong. RAWA is an organization that backs an oppressive deposed king and took the side of U.S. imperialism against the Afghani PDPA. There were plenty of Afghanis who agreed with my point of view, but unfortunately most of those who were organized and outspoken were executed by the CIA/Osama bin Laden counter-revolutionary forces.

In Iran I have watched organizations on the left go full circle from supporting Islamists against the hated and horrible U.S. backed monarchy in the 1970s and into the Islamic Revolution 1980s to now supporting the monarchy against the Islamists. Both forces, however, have been the executioners of the left. Silence on this fact among some on the left in the United States during the 1980s resulted in many exiled Iranian leftists returning to support the Islamic Revolution only to be executed by the Islamic clerical fascists a few years into the revolution. King Mohammed Zahir Shah was an oppressive and chauvinistic ruler. As a revolutionary internationalist I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t say that neither the monarchists nor the Islamists are the solution in Iran, nor are they in Afghanistan.

A country facing similar conditions of women’s oppression under a U.S. backed king is Nepal. Many areas of that country are now under the control of a popular Maoist insurrection. Despite the Maoist deformed nature of the leadership of the revolution taking place, in the areas controlled by the Maoists sweeping land reforms and tremendous gains for women’s rights have been carried out.

It will take a revolutionary socialist movement to liberate the women in Afghanistan. This is the only real world solution. RAWA, in backing a deposed oppressive king, is revolutionary in name only.

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