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Re: Candlelight Vigils For Incarcerated Youth

I am not a troll... and not being an asshole. You may not like my opinion, however it is sincere on my part.

My recent post is not hate speech. I grant that it may be insensitive to some, but here is the thing...

Good law abiding people are very tired of bad behavior from those that break the law. Below are the facts of the case...

Whitfield was sent to the juvenile lockup in August for drug possession and attempted burglary. Feaster was sent there in October 2001 for grand theft, fraud, auto theft and receiving stolen property.

These boys do not deserve our sympathy. Their parents (assuming they came from a family with two parents) MUST accept responsibility for their son's demise.

Did the boys ever accept responsibility for their actions? Did the parents ever accept responsibility for their parental guidance? When will we stop making excuses for criminals?

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