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Numbed by Design!

The unprecidented apathy in the United States is by design. You forgot to mention some of the obvious factors, such as: Millions of people and millions of children and Prozac, Zoloft etc. Millions of people drinking and eating foods with Aspartame in it every day, Millions of people taking pharmacueticals every day, Millions of people eating junk food, toxic from years of all the above crap and more, debt, stress, the actual mechanics of how television effects the brain and thinking process, massive electromagnetic pollution, psychological operations that effect the entire country that no one is aware of, and more. Baby humans are forced to take the poison serums at birth. If you don't take the "vaccinations" you are rediculed and osrtacized. These heavy meatals effect the delicate growing nervous system, brain, immune system and more. And 98% of the population (guess) takes them. Interesting that the children least likely to be vaccinated are those of doctors.

Of course there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that the chemicals that are being systematically sprayed over the skies of the United States daily have anything to do with the unprecidented level of apathy in the United States, but it is NOT impoosible. It certainly would serve their purposes to have a docile, lower consciousness population at this point in manifesting their agenda, wouldn't it. Since there is no oversite at all as to what they are spraying in the skies EVERY NIGHT WHILE WE SLEEP (and in most states around the country in broad daylight, day after day!) It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE that some of the shit they are spraying is specifically designed to numb us down. Do you think our government would really do that to us? Do you think that is over the top???! Think again. They are in the final stage of a long thought out plan to take full control of the United States and the world. Ever hear of The New World Order? Do you know that they are planning a massive population cull by unnatural but "compassionate" means? Do you think the Patriot Act was the end of it? It is just the beginning! Do you still believe that the "terrerists" did 9-11? Think again! 9-11 was an inside job. The official story is a total lie. There is no way that Osama orchestrated it from a cave 15,000 miles away, and if you still think "they" did it, sorry, but you have been royally fooled! So, if the biggest Psychological Operation ever on U.S. soil (Oklahahoma City bombing was another inside job which happened during Clinton, so please realize that this agenda is bigger than democrat or republican) goes unnoticed by the masses of people INCLUDING THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST BUSH, and if they are getting away with spraying friggen chemicals over your skies every day and those AGAINST BUSH don't hardly make a peep, folks it is allot worse than we even know.

As long as we are protesting each little branch of their agenda, without realizing who these people are and what their goals really are, we will be fooled. Even those who are the "left" are being manipulated. You don't see people in the streets demanding that the truth of 9-11 be told do you? No way. People like to protest the popular things, but rarely want to take a stand for the truth even if it is unpopular. I'm talking about the left, not the general public.

Get it? We have to be honest with ourselves. In many ways we are not that different from the rest of brain dead america. We just come in a cooler package, with allot more awareness and life force no doubt. But when it comes right down to it, the vast majority of the "left" and those who appose this madness will not do much to stop it, to wake up their fellow humans. Think about it, except for a very few activists, what have the vast majority of the people YOU know, (who are against bush etc) actually done since the war began?

We are comfortable. We are cozy. We have our bills to pay, cute girls/guys to meet, entertainment, travel, plans, dreams etc. And nothing is wrong with any of it! But while we are living our lives, even if we are "against bush" etc, day by day, the most evil agenda that has ever walked the earth is unfolding a plan to enslave the human race. And all we can think about it what music is playing tonight? (or whatever our personal distraction may be)

And you wonder why they are getting away with it?

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