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As organizer Karen DeLaney said it on Tuesday, it's really a matter of priorities. I hope the Santa Cruz voting bloc that supported and paid for the media campaign that passed Measure F will cries of "Save Our City" are glad that the police are free from budget restraints and City administrators do not need to worry about their paychecks, but the rest of us have to deal with the effects of underfunded programs and rediculously tough times.

Put people first... well, the SCPD's Public Relations budget is fully funded but we still lack a citizens police review board. The community center I work for may have to close an extra day per week, but at least the folks who usually visit will instead have a cushy cell waiting for them at a hundred times the cost of my already undervalued time. Don't tell me I'm spoiled. I just took a paycut from Governor Schwarzenhitler.

If 'lawmakers' want to make the tough decisions and put the tax-paying public over "bloated government socialist charities" [sic] then lets look at government subsidies of private industry. Tourism, incarceration, electricity produced through dams or the burning of coal, chemical additives to gasoline that pollute our water supply...

I agree: Water, electricity, sewage... these are essential services. So get your ass into the street to protest privatized water supplies locally and internationally. Find out where your electricity comes from and do something about the fact that it comes from unsustainable [and government subsidized] environmentally devestating industry.

Quit using Indymedia to make personal attacks. Vinny's spoiled. I'm spoiled... I have a feeling you're spoiled, too, whatever that means.

Tuesday's rally was important. Thanks for covering it. I was working on replacing funds that have been cut from our budget and did not make it to the county building, instead looking at pictures and reading about the event from credible local news media that I trust: Indymedia.

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