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Re: Becky Johnson - etc...

Hey there,

I have not read this whole post..., but I wanted to say that Vinny's comment was a bit of a joke based on what Becky commented on the interview I did with Starhawk about Reclaiming the Commons.

Here it is for you:

Re: Starhawk on Reclaiming the Commons - sf.june8
by Becky Johnson
becky_johnson (nospam) (unverified) 25 May 2004
While I support the activities Starhawk is promoting in this particular communication, I am reserved because Starhawk has continuously joined in to condemn Israel at every turn possible while promoting the Palestinian cause neccessitating the turning of a blind eye to the horrors that society is perpetrating. I urge Starhawk to re-examine her villification of Israel, and promote a more balanced discussion in the future.

- -

That comment was from this article:

Starhawk on Reclaiming the Commons - sf.june8

By the way, if you visit, there is currently ('today' is 5/31/04) a link to the interview and the following text:

What's New:

* Starhawk did a radio interview about the upcoming "Reclaim the Commons" events with Indynewswire in Santa Cruz, CA on May 24. It is now available as either a download or as streaming audio.

- -

Back to Becky. She is the one that brings up the issue os Palestine and Israel all the time.

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