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Re: Chemtrails And Terror In The Age Of Nuclear War

Idaho Observer website has info on the FBI murder of Randy Weaver's child. Whatever you think about Randy Weaver's political views, did his young child deserve death at the hands of the FBI?

There is also info on the Zionist's hold on the media, nothing new for people who have been aware of Israel's racism against the Palestinians for 56 years. If you are a Zionist, then it follows that you might accuse the Idaho Observer as being racist, just as Zionists accuse anyone else who is pro-Palestine as being racist..

There is article on Idaho Observer website about the CIA's involvement with the coup in Haiti that removed Arisitide. The author states the problems in Haiti are mostly a result of interference by the US since Haiti's independence. Maybe they are just saying that to cover up their secret "racist" ideas behind a pro-Haiti smokescreen..

Yes, there are chemtrails. The various metallic compounds sprayed into the atmosphere probably do improve military radar detection..

The people at Idaho Observer seem more like libertarians disgusted with the ineffective liberal answer to the tyranny of GW Bush. When liberal moderates endorse Skull and Bones member Kerry as the solution to Bush, i am really glad that there is a well armed militia standing in Idaho that takes the time to research chemtrails..

Fuck the New World Order..

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