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Re: New excuse for 911 fighter jet failure exposed as a lie

Bush, the massah, of the Whitey House (remember the: KILL WHITEY bumperstickers?
Well Condescending Rice and Willie Boy Powell are the Republican's house N*word (gotta be PC, but I'd rather just use the word and desensitize it but as a white guy I'm not allowed, or so say the black guys under the bridge).

The field N*words are the grunts in Iraq. "Yessuh, yessuh, yesseh...we been softening up these heathens. for ya...can I move up to the house now, massuh"

Cheney, the cruel overlord, counting profits...the field foreman some star or two or three and Old Rummy, the codger with the long gun.

and her I sit, sick and satirical
sister saber of the underground
sharpening a sword and a few words

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