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Let's call genocide when we see it

Its about time people here started focussing attention on the REAL humanitarian crisis in Sudan. The reports I have been reading say that 30,000 have been killed already, 1.2 million refugees, and 300 villages raised.

But contrast, some Indymedia types are still talking about Deir Yassin massacre back in 1948 in which about 120 people were killed.

Lets have some perspective. The Arab/Muslim military dictatorship govt. in Sudan is killing off Black Christians in the south and Black Muslims in the west. This is ethnic cleansing in its most racist form as people are being killed for having dark skin or for not being Muslim.

Secretary of State Colin Powell and UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan have yet to use the "G" word to describe the genocide going on there. Sucking up to Arab/Muslim countries is the most likely reason they aren't shouting from the rooftops about Sudan.

While the Resource Center for Nonviolence is scheduling speaker after speaker to condemn the Israelis (who are fighting the murderous Arabs), they have barely even registered the enormous human rights disaster happening in Sudan.

Where does the RCNV get their funding? Do they get any Arab oil money in the form of donations?
Would they lose funding if they started to condemn Arab countries of human rights abuses?

HUFF has long critisized the RCNV for its failure to address local human rights abuses such as the Sleeping Ban, the Blanket Ban, and the shooting death and subsequent cover-up of Happy John Dine in 1997.

But Israel puts up a fence, and they are trumpeting the "abuse" across several continents.

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