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Arabs try to brake campaign for sanctions on Sudan

In an article by Reuters news service, the Arab League announces opposition to the proposed sanctions against the Islamic Arab government in Sudan that is engaged in what many call genocide against both the Black Christians in the south and against moderate Islamics in the Darfur.

Many groups have called for Secretary of State Colin Powell and President George W. Bush to use the "g" word to describe the conflict. Washington has thusfar balked because declaring that genocide is occurring in Sudan requires the USA to intervene in some way. Sudan is not an oil-rich region like Iraq.

While Israel is roundly criticized on all occasions, the Arab countries prefer a low profile for Arab on Arab violence.
Egypt and the Arab League tried to put the brakes on a campaign for sanctions against Sudan Wednesday, while Washington wants the UN Security Council to set a deadline for sanctions this week.

The international furor over Darfur, where some 30,000 people have been killed in the last 18 months, has produced a backlash in the Arab world, where many suspect that the U.S., Britain, and their allies have ulterior motives. The Arab League, which includes all Arab countries, said sanctions would not help resolve what the UN calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis. (Reuters)

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Arab dictators want slaughter to continue

Since the arab representatives at the UN are putting a stop to any sanctions against the Sudanese then the governments that they work for which are run by dictators must favor the genocide of non Arabs.

I thought Arabs did not like genocide?

Slaughter of non-Arabs by Arabs is OKAY

What else can one conclude? The Arab League does not want the UN used to condemn the genocide the Janjaweed are performing in Sudan. Why?

Because Arabs do not believe Arabs should be subject to criticism by the UN. Israel is the proper object of their derision. Israel is the only country that can be condemned for what they do, for what they don't do, and for what they MIGHT do.

HUGE human rights violations committed by Arabs against Arabs are largely ignored. See my discussion with Sophie in an article which has a very biased title about "Israel's Apartheid Wall".

When I brought up a slaughter of Arabs by Arabs in 1985, she immediately thought I was talking about a slaugher in 1982 that Ariel Sharon was condemned for not preventing.

So even when you address Arab on Arab violence, the typical indymedia reader cannot break out of the box that Israel must be to blame somewhere.

Re: Arabs try to brake campaign for sanctions on Sudan

I too am opposed to imperialist sanctions against Sudan. What right does U.S. the imperialism have to talk about genocide when they are supporting the genocidal government of Israel amongst other genocidal governments in the world.
Now John Kerry is pounding the drums for U.S. imperialist intervention in Sudan and citing Clinton's war and occupation of Yugoslavia as a positive example. We also should not forget the pharmaceutical plant that Clinton blew up in Sudan, destroying the production of needed medicines for the region. U.S. imperialism has had its hand in creating the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and the only real solutions that will help the people there will come from the Sudanese people themselves.

U.S. imperialism out of Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq! No to sanctions! End U.S. military aid to Israel and Egypt!

Build the anti-war movement!

Don’t vote for war-monger Kerry!

Israel is Genocidal? News to me!!

Steve: How can you say Israel is genocidal?

Here are the facts:

Since 1967 (and the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank) the Palestinian population has TRIPLED!!

Israel is so militarily superior to the Palestinians, they COULD wipe them out in about 2 days if they launched a full-out attack. They have NEVER DONE THIS and I don't believe they EVER WILL. That would clearly be against Jewish law.

If you look at the death toll since the intifada began (and it was launched by Arafat, you know) about 4,200 people have died in almost four years. About 1000 of the dead are Israeli.

Thats 0.076% of the population killed in four years by a people who continue to fund and support groups like Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa martyrs brigade, Fatah, Hamas, the PLO, the PFLP, to name only SOME.

In NO WAY does this constitute genocide.

Remember Nazi Germany where Hitler gassed 6 million Jews? THAT was genocide!

Re: Arabs try to brake campaign for sanctions on Sudan

Becky, the sky being blue would be news to you. The Zionist dictatorship of Israel is genocidal and everybody who has done their homework knows it.

Zionist Dictatorship???????????????


I think the Jews know a thing or two about Genocide.

Lets look at the death toll stats since the beginning of Arafat's latest intifada.

3,200 Palestinians killed (this number includes suicide bombers and snipers, etc.)

1000 Israeli dead in four years.

These numbers suggest that a war is going on, but not genocide.

Also: the Palestinian Arab population on the West Bank has TRIPLED since 1967. If the Israelis are committing genocide against the Palestinians, they are not doing a very good job of it.

Zionist dictatorship?? Last I heard, Israel has the Knessett, 120 legislators, and Sharon was elected by the Israeli people.

Contrast this with the Palestinian Authority.
Arafat was elected 8 years ago to a 5 year term. He cancelled the election and refused to leave office. Now THAT sounds like a dictatorship to me.


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