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Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

Monday evening, August 30
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Barrios Unidos
A hands-on demonstration of how to publish text and photos to the Santa Cruz Indymedia newswire and how to publish events to the Santa Cruz Indymedia Calendar.

Please bring an article you would like to publish. This could be an announcement of an upcoming action, photos of an event, or anything else.

Barrios Unidos is located at 1817 Soquel Avenue. It is on the left side of Soquel Ave., just before Capitola Rd., if you are coming from downtown Santa Cruz.

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Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

Step one, check that your story is ideologically compatible with the liberal party line of the "independent" media center, or else wonder later why you cannot find it on the public and hidden pages


If you paste the name of your article (or a name of any of the comments attached to the article) into the 'site search' box (up above in the the left column) you will most likely find your article.

If you look through the 'newswire' postings, (click 'newswire' in the top navigation bar) you will find your article listed by date.

Additionally you can find 'hidden' articles (in the same way you'd find a 'newswire' article) by clicking on 'hidden articles' at the bottom of the right column on the main page.

If your article was deleted it still could be in the 'deleted' section, which you can find from a link on the 'hidden' articles page.

You can read the sc-imc editorial policy by going to 'info' (top navigation bar), and clicking on 'Editorial Policy':

This policy explains the basis on which an article would be removed or hidden.

One can only hope!

Does this mean Becky Johnson will finally stop posting her anti-Arab racist diatribes, and other rabidly right-wing zionist propaanda?

but the point, after all, is to publish

contrary to arguments often seen here zionism does not equal anti-palestinianism as there are jews who seek a homeland and do not seek to displace others

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

"Zionism does not equal anti-palestinianism."

And I suppose the concept of Manifest destiny was not anti-Indian either. Ariel Sharon's policies mirror the actions of Lt. Colonel George Custer.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

sharon is not zionism just as bush is not christianity.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

You say, "Sharon is not zionism just as bush is not christianity."

You are correct in both statements in that a person is not a political ideology or a religion. Likewise Hitler was not Nazism, although he was its leading figure.

But this does not seem to be your point.

Christianity is a religion while Zionism is not. Zionism is a political movement with an ideology that from the beginning pushed for the displacement of Palestinians from their homeland in order to establish a Jewish colonial-settler capitalist state.

Sharon, as the top leader of the Zionist state, is a representative of Zionism, just as Bush is the top representative American imperialism.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

then we must define terms. religion can be a political movement also. people speak hebrew all over the world so we cannot speak of the land as hebrew speaking. many there speak english and other languages. in the eighties and nineties the population was split on what to do about the lands. not wanting to take what is not theirs did not mean they were willing to leave. what are you calling them? they call themselves israelis.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

"Then we must define terms."


"Religion can be a political movement also."

In a certain sense this can be true. Yet it is important to understand that being a Jew does not make one a Zionist. There are, and have been, many Jews opposed to Zionism.

"People speak Hebrew all over the world so we cannot speak of the land as Hebrew speaking."

I agree that we cannot refer to the land as Hebrew speaking, but for a different reason than you express. The land controlled by the Zionist Israeli state is comprised of two main nationalities, one that speaks Arabic and one that speaks Hebrew. Although the Arabic speaking people are treated as both non-citizens and as second-class citizens they are the native inhabitants of the land. Both Hebrew speaking and Arabic speaking nationalities are now an important part of the land. It is my opinion that the Zionist ideal of the supremacy of the Jewish/Hebrew speaking people should scrapped for the creation of a bi-national state with equal rights for all.

"Many there speak English and other languages."

This is nice, but irrelevant to the point of what two languages are used in most communications between people within the two main nationalities: the Palestinians and the Hebrew speaking population.

"What are you calling them? They call themselves Israelis."

There are some Palestinians that are given a semi-legal status as Israeli citizens. Yet the opinion of racist Zionists as well as many Palestinians is that these people are Palestinian, not Israeli. Language is here a more consistent feature defining the oppressed nation and oppressor nationality.

Defining people and nationalities always has pitfalls. The socialist ideal is for equality between all nations, recognizing in the current state of things there are often oppressor and oppressed nations within the borders of the world’s nation states. A socialist revolution in present day Israel would end the oppressed status of the Palestinian people while seeking continued rights for the Hebrew speaking population as well as economic and social advances for the entire working class through ending capitalist exploitation and war.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

the zionist movement sought to establish a state and was made up of trotskyites, stalinists. all types of leftists. after the state was established the word 'zionist' ceased to exist except in the vernacular. yes there is disagreement about what happened in and after 1948 but one cannot compare what is happening today to the zionist movement.

hebrew has been the official language for 20 years. in neighborhoods and stores people speak their ancestral tongues. hebrew is taught but english as well. english can be used in legal proceedings etc. the ultra conservative settlers do not recognize the state of israel by the way. so there are the 'bible thumpers', the government in power, those who support the government in power, and those who do not.

Censorship is not Democracy

"check that your story is ideologically compatible with the liberal party line of the "independent" media center, or else wonder later why you cannot find it on the public and hidden pages"


Just for the record I am not anti-Palestinian.
I am not a "Zionist" either as I am not Jewish, not Israeli, and do not belong to any Zionist organization. Nor do I think Zionism was a movement to "drive the native Palestinians out of their land".

This is just Steve's misinterpretation so he can issue his so predictable accusations.

I just believe in fairness and justice. Its not fair the kind of villification of Israel that goes on here--with TONS of misinformation spewed out. I am moved to correct the record.

If indymedia readers (and editors) are so threatened by the words I write they have to heap on me derision, censor my writings, and resort to name-calling and death threats....well it makes you all look bad. And it makes you look stupid as well.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

Becky Johnson falsely states that Indy Media censors her writings, and resorts to death threats. She then goes on to claim that this makes Indy Media look bad and stupid as well.

Meanwhile back here on earth Indy Media has censored none of her hate speech.

Nor has anyone made death threats, although some unidentified person in the public did suggest that she "go die". It is quite a stretch to see this as a death threat. It is another stretch to blame Indy Media for the statement of an unidentified person.

The fact is that Indy Media has made no death threat against Becky Johnson, and has censored nothing.

Meanwhile Becky Johnson is backing the U.S. and Israeli policies that are killing and humiliating Palestinians everyday.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

of Becky Johnson and Steve Argue. Maybe y'all could just go meet somewhere and yell at eachother and stop posting your diatribes for everyone else to suffer through???

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

Becky Johnson has been on a mission to defend the racist and murderous Zionist state of Israel and I think it is important that her lies not go unanswered. I, however, am not the only one answering her.

As for going away and talking to her about Palestine I have few illusions that she can be convinced and have no desire to meet with her to discuss the issue.

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

Although, I too am tired of Becky Johnson's racist lies, I completely agree with Steve on that last comment. I'm glad you take the time to rebut Becky's crap!


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