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EUREKA! very telling-Every voting irregularity Always favors RepubliCONS

Game, Set, Match- Very Telling how every error report, glitch, discrepancy, statistical anomalies, trend-bucking swings and pre and post election shenanigans ALWAYS favors Bush-Heres Why- The democratic base was so massively mobilized that the resounding turnout of the landslide call for change forced the hand of the perpretators and followers of a voting bloc that in actuality is a minority and very unpopular. Statisticians, Mathematicians, Professors and citizen-journalists are trying to reconcile discrepancies and surprising trend changes that could not have occurred by chance or random error. Developing stories covered in this report are, 1) How did John Edwards lose North Carolina? 2) Irrefutable evidence from a study in small Ohio counties. 3) Who did the military vote go for? 4) Little did they know THEY would get the trifecta- Exit poll swings in 3 crucial states in which the standard deviation odds against this amount to 1 in 25million. 5)A new Flash animation and 6) Insiders report on Corporate Media/LockDown because of latenight capitulation to disavowing their expensive exit polls, in spite of 100's of reporters believing, feeling and knowing otherwise- allowing big media to defend their legitimacy at expense of fairness, honesty and an adherence to constitutional imperatives and the publics right to know, and trust in a clear conscience for all.
1) Comprehensive case for fraud in N.C. -this report from, the gist of it goes like this in early voting and absentee ballots the votes used as a benchmark showed a strong preference toward democrats ~56-43 and all statewide races, Except Senator and President were won by democrats at or near that margin. Now IS not John edwards loved down there? and reports from locals was that Erskine Bowls was popular and expected to win. Citizens are demanding a fare audit, and it is such a mess there are calls for a nullification and new vote. Here are the facts and figures analyzed by an american doing his duty, forget partisanship, to show that tampering with the safegaurds protecting Our 'Commons' and Voting rights is unamerican, unfair and against the law.

BeFree asked me a few days ago to look over the North Carolina election returns. Things looked funny. They were way out of sync with the exit polls and no one could believe that Erskine Bowles had lost in the Senate race. The deeper I looked at the figures, the more things began to look disturbing. I downloaded the precinct data and began to pour through it for clues. Then I saw that the absentee vote (which apparently also includes the early voting data) was huge, comprising more than *a million votes* and nearly a full third of the total vote (30%). It offered the chance to compare an unadulterated voting pattern against the strange results of election day. I reasoned with an early vote that large, it is no longer a sample but a benchmark. The nearer one approaches 100%, the more accurate the picture of the whole. At one third, any inconsistencies should even out -- even if more white suburban Republicans voted by absentee (as has been charged in the past with smaller samples) or if the Democratic GOTV pushed our early numbers (as has been assumed for this election). In that respect, I was lucky to have looked at North Carolina -- it's not as crazed as the battleground states and the electorate is nicely split between parties. Any inconsistencies of one side dominating the early vote would have showed up in the data -- they didn't.

With that in mind, I began an informal review of the NC absentee vote. What I found was stunning, and I believe it should have national implications. I have little doubt that we will find the same thing elsewhere by using benchmark absentee data against election day returns. It not only reflects the pattern of exit poll discrepancy we saw throughout the country, but it also makes a compelling case for purposeful tampering with the electronic data. I also think it reveals the three objectives of the Bush re-election campaign: 1) re-election 2) mandate 3) strong Senate majority.

WOW. With essentially the same vote demographics in the absentee and the poll, there was a sudden shift of 6.4% of the vote toward the Republican. That's more than a little alarming and is in itself enough to call into question the legitimacy of the election day vote. North Carolinians in this forum can speak to this, but Bowles is generally well liked. There is absolutely nothing to account for the bizarre drop of support in the electorate by 6.4% between the early voting (mostly the week prior) and election day. But when we compare it to the Presidential race, it is dwarfed by absurdity.

preliminary results and rest of blog here, over 300 follow-up comments

N.C. Computer Loses More Than 4,500 Votes


2)Statistical Evidence: Ohio election rigged
To believe Bush won Ohio, you would have to believe that perfectly good Democrats turned Republican. Hundreds of thousands* of Democrats gone bad -- it just isn’t feasible. These numbers don’t add up to a legitimate election. Period.

These are not small percentages of change either; they are quite significant –- huge -- more than enough to sway the election in favor of John Kerry. The numbers just don’t lie, statistically; George Bush could not have won this election.


3)Did Kerry win the military vote? (Please post stories here)

I am starting to hear stories that Kerry may have won the military vote. Most states are just posting the results for the overseas ballots in the last couple of days. In Austin, TX Kerry got 259 votes, compared to Bush who only got 138 votes. That's a huge margin. I guess the military folks might not be so thrilled with W after all?

Has anyone else seen any reports about the military vote tallies?

NOVEMBER 12, 2004

The late count of provisional and overseas ? predominantly military ? ballots took place Sunday and Monday at the county courthouse. White added 54 votes to her total, whereas Baxter only added 30. (As an interesting footnote, Butts said the majority of military votes in the Travis Co. presidential race went to John Kerry, who took 259 votes to George Bush's 138.) Witnessing the vote count for the Democrats were Butts and lawyer MariBen Ramsey (both representing the White campaign) along with local party Chair Chris Elliott and coordinated campaign director Glen Maxey. Republican poll watchers during the two-day process featured several attorneys from the Locke Liddell & Sapp law firm, as well as the always unpredictable former (Democratic) County Judge Bill Aleshire, representing the Baxter campaign on behalf of the Riggs & Aleshire law firm. County GOP Chair Alan Sager also attended.

Suppressing the overseas vote

Record numbers of Americans abroad have registered, but bureaucratic snafus may prevent many from actually voting, writes Alix Christie,14779,1335573,00.html




Editor-In-Chief Tom Bico Straightens Out The Vote Counting Battle,

... but that doesn’t change the fact that for the past four years she and top scientists from top universities and millions upon millions of Americans have been battling against paperless e-voting, because the system quite simply lacks integrity, as it leaves no verifiable paper trail.

This would be bad enough alone if it wasn’t for the second part of this reality: Bush Republicans fought, went to court, and even legislated in places like Florida not to only ensure there would be no paper trail for the e-voting, but that doing a recount would be forbidden by law.

A little odd?

We got an e-mail from a while back, asking us if we might put their information – the info that explains why the e-voting machines we used were in no way safe or secure - up on our server, as they were having server after server shut down by the authorities. We didn’t know what to make of them or the claim about websites being shut down, so we didn’t help out. But we read their material, and it, in detail, laid out the problems with e-voting.

So for four years there has been the clear statement that the setup was not one with integrity, and the fact that the Bush Republicans were going to such great lengths to ensure that our elections would be operated on electronic machines with no paper trail brought alarm to millions – even if the non-M/I media and the Democratic Party chose not to deal with it.

You had the easily fixable machines, on which 40 million of the votes this past election were cast. Then you had the fact that the man responsible for programming and making most of them was not just a Bush supporter, but a high-level Bush campaign operative who happened to be from Ohio and who openly, publicly promised to do whatever necessary to deliver Ohio to Bush.

You may not have been paying attention, but it doesn’t change the fact that millions of Kerry supporters were very concerned going into the election that no matter what success they actually had, the vote was going to be fixed. Not after the fact, before the fact. And no, not due to paranoia, but due to the simple facts laid out above which should have had all Americans who care about the integrity of our elections in great alarm.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, election night came, and the exit polling said one thing while the vote tallies said something entirely opposite. And errors and problems popped up by the thousands, and all of them had one thing in common: they all tilted things in favor of Bush. Not one machine took a Bush vote and registered it Kerry, not one precinct accidentally gave Kerry some extra thousands of votes, not one mostly Republican precinct had its voters stuck standing in line for 7-10 hours. Not one. But in thousands of reported cases this occurred the opposite way.

The millions of people now demanding recounts and blogging away over the voting issues did everything possible to ensure this scenario never happened. They wanted – as the Bush side of things claims to want now – simply to be able to have a vote and go with the results. But reality is reality.

And the reality is that: the voting technology used was fixable; the man in charge of the company who made and programmed most of the e-voting machines was one campaign’s operative; and – again, this actually occurred – the exit polls said something entirely opposite of what the election tally said. If you need all this in greater detail, try this report from a Ph.D. expert on the subject from the University of Pennsylvania - all the info on exactly how the exit polls were skewed, etc. are analyzed in this.

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy by Steven F. Freemen- University of P.A. or..

His conclusion: fraud or mistabulation is, "an unavoidable hypothesis, one that it is the responsibility of the media, academia, polling agencies, and the public to investigate."

To look at facts and decide that 2 plus 2 might just equal four is not radical, and it has nothing to do with left, right, or center. A detective who spots something suspicious and follows up on a lead is not suddenly called a “leftist.? He is called someone doing his job.

And, despite the expected non-M/I media’s usual bullying and name calling, that’s exactly what the election count battle is.

rest of this viewpoint here


5) Little known flash animation- must see!

newest stolen election clearinghouses, just discovered

Votergate 2004:Articles and links on the Bush/Republican Corruption, Disruption and Theft of the Election



Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations

Votes Aren't the Only Thing Missing in Ohio
Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations

There is a bumper sticker I saw months ago that sums up the current state of affairs in our country regarding what is the biggest news story you'll never see on the General Media reported. It said "IF YOUR NOT OUTRAGED, YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION".

On Friday I received a phone call from a good friend who works at CBS--I've known her for years and she is a Producer for some of the news programs, one well known one in particular. She tipped me off that the news media is in a "lock-down" and that there is to be no TV coverage of the real problems with voting on Nov. 2nd. She said similar "lock-down orders" had come down last year after the invasion of Iraq, but this is far worse--far scarier. She said the majority of their journalists at CBS and elsewhere in NYC are pretty horrified--every one is worried about their jobs and retribution Dan Rather style or worse. My source said they've also been forbidden to talk about it even on their own time but she was pissed and her journalistic and moral integrity as what she considers to be a gov't watchdog requires her to speak out, while be it covert and she therefore asked me to "spread" the word... She said that journalism and the truth is at stake.

Since the US presidential election, accounts of voter fraud and malfunctioning voting machines have flooded into local US newspapers, to public-interest groups, to universities, and to weblogs.

This letter is an overview of those reports.



Finally this writing gets to the crux

Against this backdrop, the results of the election do not make sense. Let’s forget about mounting evidence, forget the dismissals of “votergate? as an “internet conspiracy theory,? the fact is that millions upon millions of people do not believe the results. That alone is enough to merit a thorough investigation and, since the electronic system has rendered recounts obsolete, a new election.

Like most of us on the left, I was confident that we would turn the tide by voting the current administration out of office on November 2, 2004. I had faith in logic; faith in the democratic process, faith in the American people. And I still do--but only because I do not believe this election was “fair and square.? Rather, I believe Bev Harris, Greg Palast and millions of others whose “beliefs? rest on logic and statistical probability. The most recent W.-Cheney fiat simply does not make sense; not unless you “believe? that fifty million Americans are stupid enough to have ignored the stark realities of “life in these United States.? Believing that Americans are stupid has long been a favorite pastime of the international community and the domestic intelligentsia. For most people, it’s more comforting to believe that the American people are stupid than it is to believe a handful of crooks just put Richard Nixon to shame with a sham election conducted in the world’s “greatest democracy.? The very suggestion that a few heavy-handed, fiscally well-endowed and well-connected individuals may have participated in a felonious assault on democracy by manufacturing and manipulating electronic voting systems in favor of their patron is perhaps more disturbing than the notion that the results of this election are “legitimate?. And yet, this much is clear: this level of criminal behavior is entirely consistent with the logic of the current administration.

Election Results Challenge Our Faith in America and Its People


by spacebuddy008 at YR service

resisting the privatizing of Truth

TRICKle down REALITY CONTROL? TIME for bubble-up Truth

stand for everything that matters!

ps.they can sure count money accurately in this country...the media's profit from campaign ads, move-on et. al..... IDEA: make the ballots the size of dollar bills and put them through the bill-counting machines one sees at banks.
See also:

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Re: EUREKA! very telling-Every voting irregularity Always favors RepubliCONS

Thanks for your work!

Where is SantaCruz indy on the vote fraud issue anyhow? How about a feature? Haven't you all been paying attention?

Re: EUREKA! very telling-Every voting irregularity Always favors RepubliCONS

I agree, this is a great article. Thanks CultureJamCleveland for posting this here.

As for your comment, bud, I'd say that SC-IMC has had many posts about voting irregularities, starting here:

Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

and with a couple other features about the 2004 sElection as well:

Bush Regime Maintains Power Through Electoral Fraud


And this is currently (11/18/04) the "Featured Image" in the top right corner of

Election Officials Caught Red Handed

For great ongoing IMC coverage of the 2004 Election Fruad, I suggest you follow (and participate in) Portland Indymedia's Election Fraud page and keep an eye on as well.

Remember, you are santa cruz indymedia! - Publish



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