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Respect All Families

At the center of the controversy were upside down pink triangles posted inside of classrooms.

A pink triangle was worn by prisoners in Nazi Germany whose only "crime" was being born homosexual. It has been adopted by the GLBTI movement both in memory of oppression in the past and as a symbol of hope for a better present and future.


Kelly Quinn is a junior at SVH


Dustin is a sophomore at SVH


Matt Otterman is a teacher at SVH


Karen Babbett, a SVH teacher, moved many in the crowd to tears.



Jill & Rene Ohana, a lesbian couple, are both teachers at SVH.


A snack of the comments by Pacific Justice Institute attorney, Kevin Snyder. Interesting how the term "homophobe" is a slur in his vocabulary. According to American Heritage dictionary, a homophobe is a person who hates or fears homosexual people. (shown above left)

Don D'Andrea concludes his thoughts with a few recommendations. (shown above right)

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Hear What They Have To Say

I (Bradley) have provided links to the audio uploaded by Vinny from this evening.

There are more audio files here:

Scotts Valley School Board Coverage

and a report for Free Speech Radio News here:

Scotts Valley Parents Protest Gay Tolerance


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