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Protest at the Mission St. KFC

In 2004, Bay Area Vegetarians joined organizations throughout the United States and abroad in supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' campaign against KFC's inhumane practices and calling for welfare reforms. The campaign continued on Saturday, February 12, as several dozen animal rights activists protested at the Mission St. KFC.

Over 750,000,000 chickens raised for KFC (Yum! Brands) endure egregious and unnecessary abuses. Last year, PETA released a disturbing video taken by an undercover investigator in a KFC supplier slaughterhouse. Employees were deliberately kicking, stomping on, and slamming live chickens against a wall, spitting tobacco into their eyes, and ripping their heads and beaks off with their bare hands. Previously, a former employee of another top KFC supplier came forward with accounts of employees using "dry ice bombs" to blow chickens apart, snapping their legs for fun, and intentionally scalding them to death in feather removal tanks. These abuses are in addition to KFC suppliers’ routine practices of callously shackling chickens upside down, often breaking their legs in the process, and slitting the throats of conscious birds.

KFC has so far refused to implement comprehensive guidelines developed by its own animal welfare panelists to prevent these and other abuses. Until it does, compassionate people everywhere are protesting and choosing to steer clear of the Colonel.

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Audio: KFC Protest in Santa Cruz

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We met at the Food Bin on Mission St. before walking 2 blocks to KFC. This was a very fun event. There were a lot of enthusiastic, lively people.

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Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC on Saturday at 4pm


The reason I'm here today is to set the record straight on this Pilgrim's Pride incident.

As we stated publicly yesterday, KFC is appalled by the actions of Pilgrim's Pride employees at this one facility in Moorefield, West Virginia. As a responsible corporate citizen, we require all our suppliers to treat animals humanely. This behavior by Pilgrim's Pride employees is not only appalling, it violates the standards we have in place for all our suppliers.

So what are we doing about it?

1. We've told Pilgrim's Pride that KFC will no longer buy product from this facility until they can assure us there are no instances of animal abuse there;
2. We've placed an inspector at this facility to monitor activity to be sure our guidelines are being followed;
3. We've asked Pilgrim's Pride to fire the employees found to be responsible;
4. We've asked Pilgrim's Pride to place security cameras in this moorefield facility to ensure that this behavior is not repeated again;
5. We've sent a letter to all suppliers to make sure they continue to follow the industry's animal welfare guidelines, and strictly enforce them; and

Pilgrim's Pride is one of our many suppliers, and we are just one of many fast food companies that buy from this Moorefield, West Virginia facility. In fact, we only buy 15% of all the product this facility produces - our other fast food competitors buy the other 85%.

So why did PETA single us out? Why did they mischaracterize this Pilgrim's Pride facility as a "KFC facility?" Why did they attempt to make it look like we raise and process chickens, when they know we do not?

We think it's outrageous that PETA is unfairly singling out KFC. They've done this because we're the most recognized brand selling chicken today, and our name, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is synonymous with chicken. So we have become their target. The truth is, we sell about 5% of all the chicken in America today -- that's less than the leading burger chain. But because our brand stands for chicken, they've targeted their campaign on us. Not on any other supermarket or QSR chain. Yet these companies buy their chicken from the same suppliers you do - like Pilgrim's Pride. You didn't see them hold today's press conference in Texas, where Pilgrim's Pride is located. They held it here to try to exert pressure on us.

There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. And we respect that's what PETA's ultimate goal is, but we're proud that we sell world-famous chicken. So we'll never see eye to eye with them.

Our responsibility, and we take it seriously, is to be sure we have the proper standards in place for our suppliers. While we have set standards for our suppliers, it's ultimately up to them to enforce them every day. We audit them regularly, but they have to enforce them.

I want you to know we have the same animal welfare guidelines that our competitors do. The same standards for our suppliers as our fast food competitors. They are on our website,, and we have a copy available for you today.

We ask you today to stop being a pawn used by PETA. For example, some of the TV press coverage today said this is a "KFC videotape investigation." The Courier-Journal today failed to mention that we're just one of the many fast food customers of this facility - the entire article made it look like it was a KFC facility. In fact, almost all the press coverage made it look that way. And the media is not publishing all the facts. This ongoing PETA campaign of distortion, deceit and duplicity is outrageous. Their publicity ploys, like today's call for our CEO to step down, are ludicrous.

PETA has distorted the truth time and time again. Here are just a few examples of mistruths:

* a fabricated letter by the Dalai Lama;
* claiming Jason Alexander is anti-KFC;
* claiming a former president of KFC was forced out of the company for meeting with PETA; and most importantly,
* saying we don't enforce animal welfare standards with our suppliers. In fact, our animal welfare advisory council, made up of some of the world's most-renowned experts in this area like Dr. Temple Grandin, have endorsed our actions as recently as this morning.

What's more, PETA not only distorts the truth, they have harassed our executives and engaged in a campaign of harassment, invasion of privacy and what I'd call "corporate terrorism."

Bruce Friedrich, PETA's vegan campaign director, publicly said "all fast food establishments should be bombed, and he would say 'Hallelujah' to anyone who did this.

That same person was arrested and convicted for criminal trespass at the home of a Senior Executive at Yum! Brands on Christmas Eve, and that's not the first time PETA has invaded our privacy at our homes, church, at work, and with our families, our neighbors and their children.

According to the FBI, PETA funded the legal defense of an animal liberation front arsonist who was convicted of torching a Michigan State research lab.

This is not your warm and fuzzy animal rights group. This pressure through intimidation, harassment and invasion of privacy should not be tolerated. It is nothing short of "corporate terrorism."

We call on the news media and all Louisvillians to tell PETA enough is enough. Tell them their tactics are not welcome in our community. And join us by calling on Congress to strip PETA of their not-for-profit tax-free status. We hope you are equally outraged that taxpayer dollars are being used to fund this campaign of deceit, duplicity and terrorism.

To recap,

1. We are appalled by this atrocious behavior at the Pilgrim's Pride facility, and we have taken action with the supplier;
2. We don't own any farms or processing facilities, our suppliers do;
3. We have responsible animal welfare standards for our suppliers, consistent with others in the industry;
4. We are increasing our audits with our suppliers to be sure they comply with these standards; and
5. PETA's campaign distorts the truth and we would ask the media to report the true facts of the situation.

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC on Saturday at 4pm


(Louisville, KY - July 20, 2004) KFC finds the actions in the videotape appalling, wherever they have occurred. We do not tolerate animal abuse by any of our suppliers, under any circumstance.

We have notified Pilgrim's Pride that unless they can definitively assure us there are absolutely no abuses taking place, we will not purchase from this Moorefield, West Virginia facility. This facility is one of many suppliers to our Company and additionally supplies others in the fast food industry.

We have placed an inspector on-site at this facility, who has been trained by Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned animal welfare expert, to monitor activity and ensure absolutely no animal abuse. We have been in contact with Pilgrim's Pride senior management and have been assured that an immediate and thorough investigation is currently underway. We have further been assured that Pilgrim's Pride will fire any individuals involved in this alleged activity.

Pilgrim's Pride subscribes to our strict Animal Welfare guidelines and has recommitted to us they are taking the necessary actions to ensure the humane treatment of animals at all of their facilities.

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC on Saturday at 4pm

That footage is undeniably horrible. Most disturbing to me is how routine that treatment of the chickens appears to be. These people are sick...

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC on Saturday at 4pm

It is sad to see how little respect is given to these living creatures that feel pain and fear just like us. How disconnected these people are from the respect many hunter-gatherer-low scale agricultural societies had for the animals that gave them nourishment.

Thanks for spreading the word in hopes of better and more humane treatment.

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC

Why are morons regurgitating KFC's pathetic responses as comments? Pilgrim's Pride was announced KFC's "supplier of the year" just prior to the taking of the video there. That was the reason the activists did the video there - they wanted to catch what happens at KFC's "best" supplier. Just imagine the atrocities that go on at the suppliers that DON'T live up to KFC's "high" standards.
I was the 6-foot yellow chicken in the photos, and I am proud to be part of the movement that will end the terrible abuses KFC not only allows, but actually encourages by honoring suppliers that do such terrible things.

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC

"Why are morons regurgitating KFC's pathetic responses as comments?"

I'm pretty sure that the KFC responses were posted as comments to show people here on SC-IMC that KFC does not care about the way the chickens are treated. To help put the protest against KFC in context. I don't think they were posted to try to change your mind, Chicken Man.

Hey Chicken Man, keep up the great work! One of the photos shows a bunch of empty tables at KFC, so the message is working!!

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC

mmmmmmmmmmmm I love chicken mmmmmmm especially kentucky fried

Re: Protest at the Mission St. KFC

"It is sad to see how little respect is given to these living creatures that feel pain and fear just like us."

What? You mean that our human nervous systems are also such that even if our heads are completely severed from our bodies, our arms and legs will continue to flail in something akin to the habitual motions of escape and flight?

You know nothing about slaughtering chickens.

I have friends who were literally raised on farms, who tell me what it's really like to kill a chicken. And they say you're an idiot.

A common manual technique for killing barn pigeons (a serious pest, like rats) is to grab the animal by the head and snap the body like a whip, instantly breaking the neck and often extracting the entire spinal column even. On chicken ranches, this is done towards a wall to gather all the bodies in one place when the farmer is done.

Idiot teenage BOYS may find some sick sport in stomping on the still=flailing bodies, but the neck is broken. The spinal column is severed. Pain is not even possible at that point. It's just called "muscle memory" beyond that.


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