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39 Cities on the California Coast Call for Peace

Peace groups in over 40 California coastal communities staged a synchronized rally on February 19 along an 800 mile stretch of Highway 1, from the Oregon border, all the way to San Diego. Despite intermittent rains, and a moderate wind, fifteen Santa Cruz residents stood for two hours on the Branciforte overpass; facing the north and south bound lanes of Highway 1 traffic with their peace flags, and banners.

Local peace activists have decided to move their weekly vigil to the Branciforte overpass, and will meet there each Friday at 5 pm for similar demonstrations.

Reportback and Photos: 39 Cities on Calif. Coast Call for Peace
Audio: California Peace Highway
Peace Protesters & CHP: Updated Discussion Thread

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Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

We missed y'all last Friday. Thought it went to 6:30pm... oh well. we did our thing (-:

Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

Question to Indymedia

Any chance of linking the longer discussion of the same name over on the right side of the screen with this "front page" story. Most folks just clicking here will miss most of the story--particularly the local police attempt to shut down this protest.

pay attention robert

See the little camera icon and then the bold font and hotlink?

Reportback and Photos: 39 Cities on Calif. Coast Call for Peace

remember robert, we are all indymedia. ask a friend how to copy and paste a URL.


Thanks for the speedy reply and clarification. I had the impression that in the past smaller stories were explicitly gathered and linked on the "front page" websites differently. I appreciate the explanation.

Holding Signs Above Highway One

On Friday March 4, Santa Cruz activists took the message of peace to the streets, well, actually they held their signs high about highway one.


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