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Protest Corporate Grab for Social Security this THURSDAY at Charles Schwab!

On Thursday, people from all over the country will be taking to the streets to protest Bush's proposed giveaway of Social Security to Wall Street. Come to your local Charles Schwab office and bring signs, noisemakers and your favorite "corporate swine" gear. Let 'em know how you feel about stealing your granny's benefits!
From The Working Families Network:

The fight for Social Security is coming to Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties on March 31--and we need you there.

March 31 is the National Day of Action for Retirement Security
to convince Charles Schwab and other financial firms to drop
their support for privatizing Social Security and pull out of
pro-privatization lobbying groups. In demonstrations across the
country, we're telling Charles Schwab and others: Don't Pick Our
Pockets to Line Yours!

Privatizing Social Security would devastate working
families--slashing guaranteed benefits, exploding the federal
debt, opening Social Security up to political corruption and
making retirement less rather than more secure for all of us.
But such Wall Street companies as Charles Schwab could reap
billions in fees for managing privatized Social Security

Join us March 31 to tell Charles Schwab to BACK OFF our retirement security and DROP OUT of the lobbying groups backing Social Security privatization.

See you there!

WHAT: Demonstrations and press events
TARGET: Charles Schwab offices
WHEN: March 31, 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: 2407 Porter St., Suite 100, Soquel
2100 Clock Tower Place, Suite 100, Carmel

Directions to Charles Schwab in Santa Cruz County (Soquel):
On Highway 1, take Porter/Soquel exit heading north toward Soquel. Charles Schwab is on the west side of the street across from the stoplights right off of the exit. Traveling by transit, take any bus to Soquel and Porter. From there, walk south on Porter (toward Hwy. 1 and Capitola), approximately four blocks.

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Map to Charles Schwab in Soquel

Charles Schwab in Soquel is located at 2407 Porter Street, Suite 100.

Granny would do better on her own

Everyone involved, tax payers and tax receivers, would do better if Social Security were phased out and shut down. It's OUR money, and we should be allowed to keep and spend it our way.

Granny would be much better off, if she'd been able to keep what she paid into the Social Security racket and buy a house with it. Instead she's living in a trailer park now, and she doesn't even own the trailer.

Government can't do anything right, neither efficiently nor honestly. Look at the DMV! SS is no better.

Besides, SS has ALREADY BEEN ROBBED. The account is empty. EMPTY, do you hear? It's nothing but a big IOU from the White House now, because they took that surplus to help balance the budget years ago. THE MONEY IS GONE, and they're just playing a shell game with whatever loose change and lines of credit they have still available to them.

Granny Isn't That Gullible, Corporate Scab

Thanks to "Tough Love" for providing some of Bush's "talking points" for us VERBATIM (word-for-word)! It is important to know what the enemy is saying so you are not fooled by their false claims.

First of all, Social Security is *not* some kind of retirement program. It is a small amount taken from your income and put towards an INSURANCE program. This INSURANCE is available to you (and your dependents) in the event of a disability or death. You also get your benefits after retirment age when most people need an extra source of income. (For many people in the United States, it is nearly the ONLY source of income and therefore the last safety net for many, many people.)

Privatizing social security would NOT mean that you get to keep loads and loads of your money. Remember, you put in a portion of your income and it doesn't amount to that much. The social security scheme that Bush is proposing would be invested in *private corporations.* You know them.... they're the ones who care SO MUCH about you and your family that they're outsourcing your jobs overseas!

It would be great if Granny could buy a house with her money... but if you've seen housing prices, you'd know that she sure as hell wouldn't be able to buy a house (or put a down payment) on the small amount she's put into social security. When I hear about the people who were "supposed" to retire with their Enron stocks, but got completely ripped off when the company went belly up due to high-level mismanagement, I think that Social Security, a government program, isn't so bad.

TL cites the DMV as an example of a poor government program. I'd hate to see the DMV as a private company! Instead of paying $5 for a simple printout that I can walk in and get any day of the week, I'm sure I'd pay $50 and have to wait in line if it was privatized. (Think of how Kinko's has changed since it was bought up by mega-giant, FedEx.)

The biggest lie this poster tells is that Social Security is already bankrupt... that somehow all the money "has already been robbed." That is hilarious!! They would have you believe that there is some kind of large pot centered in Washington and that the big secret is that it is EMPTY. It doesn't work like that. The government troll is trying to play on people's mistrust of the government. There MUST be money in Washington because we keep sending BILLIONS of it to IRAQ!

Many, many credible experts have publicly stated that Social Security will be viable until 2042 and even then could be saved through alternate means of funding (i.e. increasing rates.) One such economist that makes this argument is Paul Krugman, who writes for the NY Times. Many of his articles can be found online.

If Bush really was concerned about OUR future, wouldn't he be taking on more urgent issues, such as the future of trade (and thus, jobs), the environment, which is rapidly undergoing global warming, and BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME like he promised during the televised presidential debates? He isn't working on this stuff because he obviously doesn't care about these things. He only cares about making more money for his corporate donor buddies and his own stock profile. In fact, he's been working on this even *before* he was elected to his first term as president! This is the "payback" he owes to his corporate buddies who put him in office in the first place!

Think about it: this is NOT a people's issue. PEOPLE have not asked for this change. It has come straight from the top in an attempt to force it down people's throats.

The good news: this is a battle the PEOPLE can WIN! Though the Republicans outnumber the Democrats (progressives) in both houses of Congress, they have much more to lose than gain if Social Security goes bust. Social Security is the one safety net that is keeping this country from turning into a third-world society. If Social Security is privatized and suffers a loss, starvation and homelessness WILL occur on a scale never seen before in this country.


Re: Protest Corporate Grab for Social Security this THURSDAY at Charles Schwab!

If the Republicans want to change it, the status quo must be good, right?

What blind, partisan nonsense.

Washington must have money because of all the money it sends to Iraq? Huh?

Washington is broke partly because of all the money dumped down the Iraqi money pit. Ever hear the word "deficit"? Look it up. Red ink. DEBT.

Granny could have bought a house decades ago when the housing market wasn't insane like today, and been making her mortgage payments all this time if it weren't for the repressive burden of social security tax.

SS is not an insurance policy - it's an extortion racket. Insurance is voluntary. Extortion is compulsory. The mafia calls it "protection money". They're an old hand at this.

Privatization drives up rates? Only when conservatives use unwitting liberals as suckers, to hobble that privatization and support monopolies.

Look at food - privatization and free-market capitalistic competition has made food so plentiful in America that we are the global leaders in obesity, even to the point that obesity *among the homeless* is a serious problem!

You people who worship at the altar of centralized government domination of everything, should learn a little about a once-upon-a-time country that was all about centralization. It was called the USSR.

Ever hear about Soviet bread lines? Yeah. There's your DMV-quality food supply. Our privatized free-market grocery stores were an image of paradise to those poor saps.

And tell me something, why can't we have it both ways? Let me have my privatized social security, my privatized local organic farms, my privatized bike shops, my privatized independent book stores, my privatized mom-and-pop coffee shop.

In return, I'm perfectly willing to let you have your DMV-quality retirement program, with your DMV-quality project housing, your DMV-quality bread, your DMV-quality schools.

Why won't you respect me as an individual and let me choose for myself how I eat, save, and live?

Social security should be abolished. It's time the government learned to hold bake sales to fund its mismanaged, ill-conceived wars and charities. Far fewer people would be dependent upon SS if they were allowed to manage their own damn money, instead of Big Brother telling us all our lives that we're unable to think for ourselves.

Re: Protest Corporate Grab for Social Security this THURSDAY at Charles Schwab!

To Leave it alone

Why do you call her a corporate shill just because she has the courage to express her opinion? Is the name calling necessary? I would like to see more rational discourse and less HATE.

As Soon As the PEOPLE Flex Their Power, Out Come the Trolls!

People who regularly read this site will remember that several well-written articles have been posted on Indymedia in the recent past about the many drawbacks of Bush's Social Security "reform." All of them garnered few or no comments. Now, as soon as a short notice about PEOPLE TAKING ACTION AGAINST THE SOCIAL SECURITY GRAB is posted, the trolls come out of hiding within a half an hour! Isn't it interesting how they missed ALL those other articles and keep commenting on THIS one?

The power elite want PEOPLE to shut up and not make any waves.

Be encouraged fellow non-elites. The presence of trolls means that this issue is REALLY important to them and that YOU can have a potential impact on their plans! (For the Charles Schwab group alone, this deal could mean billions of dollars.) DO NOT BE DETERRED, BUT BE ENCOURAGED!

Do your homework. Learn about the history of Social Security, what it provides for and what would happen if it were abolished. When you do, I'm sure you'll be convinced how necessary it is under our economic system.

I'll See You at Charles Schwab Tomorrow!!

Re: Protest Corporate Grab for Social Security this THURSDAY at Charles Schwab!

I'm a troll? I'm a corporate shill?

I work at Blockbuster in Scott's Valley, shelving big-budget no-plot crap so that people like you can be entertained at your convenience. I MAKE $8.33 AN HOUR. How much do you make?

I've attended a few local political rallies since moving here from gentrified Oakland 3 years ago, but never joined any of them because of the disturbing absence of independent thought I see in their eyes and slogans.

I'm a corporate shill?

You an irrational extremist zealout. People like you scare me, but I'm forbidden from saying that all day long. So I'm saying it here, now. You people are insane, and you scare me. Your anger causes you to lash out almost at random, with blind prejudice.

Re: Protest Corporate Grab for Social Security this THURSDAY at Charles Schwab!

In Response To Mister Leave It Alone

You said "Social Security is *not* some kind of retirement program. It is a small amount taken from your income and put towards an INSURANCE program."

Your own people don't agree with you. The Indiemedia calendar says that today's event is called "National Day of Action for Retirement Security".

Is your unity on the issues, or merely in your underlying yet overriding communist prejudice against money?

Maybe you just have no life, and these protests are how you find friends.

Re: Protest Corporate Grab for Social Security this THURSDAY at Charles Schwab!

Protests are how I find friends. What of it?

Anyone been to a Blockbuster Video lately? I hadn't for years until recently. After it became perfectly clear that I haven't been missing anything, I realized how many psuedodocumentaries there are out right now, and was reminded of the extent to which corporate interests like blockbuster and hollywood video etc. control the information people have access to. If blockbuster isn't centralized and corporate, then I don't know what is. They are renting "Faith in the White House," a 'documentary' about Bush's superb Christianity, some Ann Coulter dealy with "Watch this instead of Farenheit 9-11!" printed on the jacket... It's truly amazing.

Anyways, anyone care to Report Back on the Schwab action? Indymedia should be used to report back from events, in addition to announcing them and arguing about them with trolls!
[That reminds me...]


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