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Indybay Solidarity, Reaching Out and The Take

On April 6, Santa Cruz Indymedia volunteers presented a free film screening of The Take at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos. About thirty people showed up and things went pretty smooth overall. The importance of Indymedia was explained and money was collected to help buy a new server for Indybay.
We also heard about a few events happening soon in Santa Cruz. Eric spoke about "Tent University Santa Cruz, April 18-22: Claiming UCSC As Our Own" Dawn spoke about the Venezuela Film Flurry which is taking place on April 10 at the Grange in Live Oak and April 11, 12 and 14 at UCSC's College 8. Liz, a volunteer with the Reel Work May Day Labor Film Festival, invited people to come out to the Del Mar Theatre on April 28 to see The Take followed by a panel with worker activists from the Argentinean social movements.

After the film, Ruth Hunter, a well known and widely respected activist, discussed her experiences in Argentina and relayed stories from workers that are taking part in the Occupied Factories movement which is vibrant in Argentina and happening in Venezuela as well. There have been at least three other events at Barrios Unidos organized by Santa Cruz Indymedia volunteers and hopefully there will be another event in May. As someone that appreciates the tactic of Indymedia, I want to thank everyone that dontated to and everyone that works to support and create, radical independent media.
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