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Dear Students and Readers of The Project

In place of our regular monthly issue, we at The Project have put together a little primer on the upcoming strike by service (represented by the AFSCME union) and clerical (the CUE union) workers on April 14th. We hope this paper helps to clarify the issues faced by the workers and the ways in which these issues are connected to student concerns.
As members of the UCSC community, we are concerned and upset when some among us are denied the means to achieve reasonable living standards, and continually treated with disrespect by their high-profile employer. The mistreatment of CUE and AFSCME workers is an offense to the values we hold as a community: gender and racial justice, and wages that enable everyone to live with dignity. Supporting service and clerical workers in their fight for fair contracts is a crucial part of realizing these values.

Moreover, we recognize that the same skewed budget priorities resulting in poverty wages for campus clerical and service workers are also responsible for our diminished funding opportunities. Graduate students, campus workers, undergraduates, and faculty all have a common concern: UC’s undemocratic budgetary process and the gross mal-distribution that results. Behind the crass injunction to ‘fuck the regents’ is stealth analytic accuracy.

The UC’s claims that the fiscal situation is ‘tight,’ are hard to believe when the University of California can afford to give out 2.4 million dollars in executive bonuses UC-wide and create a $192,000 job for the incoming Chancellor’s partner, all while systematically ignoring the basic needs of workers, raising student fees and cutting academic programs. These pay raises and ‘perks’ are a slap in the face to students and workers who are struggling to make ends meet and are indicative of the overall moral poverty of this institution.

It is clear to us that the University has their priorities in the wrong place. Administrators should not be receiving bonuses and raises when 83% of Clerical and Service Workers make less than a living wage. The University is a public institution and such should serve the public good, not the interests of an elite few.

We at The Project (and we know we are not alone in our sentiments) feel that it is time to take a stand. The exploitation of students and workers must stop. AFSCME and CUE have tried in vain to bargain with the UC for close to a year. The University has consistently ignored the worker’s demands, giving the unions no choice but to go out on a statewide strike on April 14. The voices of students and workers must be heard, and until they are, there will be no business as usual at the University of California. On Thursday April 14th, don’t go to class or to the dining halls. Take a stand for economic justice and join the picket line at the base of campus.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

The Project Collective



Want action?

Join the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice.

Meetings: Every Thursday at 8pm in Porter C002 (Below the Hungry Slug).


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The purpose of this newspaper collective is to document and inspire strategic radical actions that are relevant to local, regional, and global socioeconomic justice. We believe independent media plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue, organizing mass mobilizations, and encouraging daily acts of

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Students Occupy U of Mary Washington offices for living wage

Students Occupy U of Mary Washington offices for living wage


WE Are Everywhere and WE Demand Respect

Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

At about 11AM on the morning of April 14th, 2005 there were about 500 people gathered at the base of the UCSC campus with picket signs. They formed a picket line across the intersection of Bay St. and Empire Grade. The city busses delivered passengers up to the base of campus but then turned around and went back to town as they would not cross the picket line. There was reportedly a scab shuttle available to take students up to the center of campus. There were cars and/or a shuttle available to take students from the center of campus to the base of the campus. There was a band playing on the grass area as well as some political tables. Keep up the good work CUE and AFSCME unions!

Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

If conservatives used force to block a road and shut down a university for a cause they believed in, you'd use much different terms to describe the same tactics. They'd be accused of resorting to force instead of dialogue, attacking education, using intimidation tactics, strong-arming students, interfering in the livelihood of countless low-income "people of color" who work the university, etc, etc, etc.

You are guilty of what is called yellow journalism.

Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

Neo-cons regularily force. Time to wake up - the world DOES NOT with a consensus model. It's ironic that the right is using the argument that we're 'forcing others' to adhere to our beliefs. It shows two things - 1) that we're effective and 2) that the right is resorting to hypocracy.

Examples of the Right using force:

* Iraq. More than 1/2 of the U.S. public is against the war - they ignored all them. They ignored the Iraqi people's wants and invaded anyways. That's using not only force, but extreme violence.

* Anti-Choice legislation. Rather than engage in mere 'dialog', right-wingers want the right to choice to be banned. Most of those advocating this are men who wish to 'force' their opinions on millions of women. This is force.

* Environment. The right is forcing the drilling of the Artic Wildlife Refuge when the majority of the U.S. public does not want this to happen. This is force and this is violence against not only the earth, but inevitably ourselves.

There's many many more than I don't want to waste my (and your) time listing. The U.S. does not work on a consensus model - things happen against people's wishes all the time. The government works that way - when 51% vote for Bush, he receives 100% of power. That's wrong and that's forcibly denying the aspirations of millions of U.S. citizens.

The difference between the force of the right and the direct action of the left is that the Left seeks justice while the Right seeks unsustainable profit.

Finally - the majority of students, faculty, staff and the community support labor and a life-sustaining wage.

Wanna talk about pro-life? What about the lives of our own workers and their families?

Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

There is a difference, of course, between force and violence. Force must be used if change is to occur at all, wether that is blocking an intersection or hitting a baseball, force is the power that we exert onto this world. The problem, in my view, arises when force is exerted from a position of power and prviliege in order to keep another down. This is violence. Violence, not only in the physical sense, degrades its victim AND its perpetrator. I am not against the use of force, rather the use of violence.

radical suppression of open dialog

Why do you assume anyone who offers a criticism must be a conservative? you're so wrong. you dont even know me, so don't assume anything. you cant paint us all with one brush, we have valuable perspectives and you should value all opinions not just ones that stroke yur ego. the world is not the simple black and white that you assume it is, but this shows part of your problem doesnt it.

Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

Does anyone remember the name of the folk group that performed in the morning at the strike?

Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

the folk group;s name was The Prince Myshkins

do anonymous posters need to pay rent?

this isn't brain surgery, it's about paying the friggin rent. You have a shrinking group of people who do the work at the UC and a group of folks who spend lots of time going to meetings. the people who help the students face to face and who actually implement the things the managers want would like to be able to pay their rent. Clerical salaries often come in between $2,000 and $2,500 a month. BEFORE taxes. Take out taxes and insurance payments and you have a little more than a couple hundred $$ after you pay the rent, insurance, limited food. The anonymous posters can spend hours debating yellow journalism and how unjust the world is to conservatives, but for the folks involved in the action this is simply about being able to afford the rent, as well as buy food and clothing for our kids.


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