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Re: Dear Students and Readers of The Project

Neo-cons regularily force. Time to wake up - the world DOES NOT with a consensus model. It's ironic that the right is using the argument that we're 'forcing others' to adhere to our beliefs. It shows two things - 1) that we're effective and 2) that the right is resorting to hypocracy.

Examples of the Right using force:

* Iraq. More than 1/2 of the U.S. public is against the war - they ignored all them. They ignored the Iraqi people's wants and invaded anyways. That's using not only force, but extreme violence.

* Anti-Choice legislation. Rather than engage in mere 'dialog', right-wingers want the right to choice to be banned. Most of those advocating this are men who wish to 'force' their opinions on millions of women. This is force.

* Environment. The right is forcing the drilling of the Artic Wildlife Refuge when the majority of the U.S. public does not want this to happen. This is force and this is violence against not only the earth, but inevitably ourselves.

There's many many more than I don't want to waste my (and your) time listing. The U.S. does not work on a consensus model - things happen against people's wishes all the time. The government works that way - when 51% vote for Bush, he receives 100% of power. That's wrong and that's forcibly denying the aspirations of millions of U.S. citizens.

The difference between the force of the right and the direct action of the left is that the Left seeks justice while the Right seeks unsustainable profit.

Finally - the majority of students, faculty, staff and the community support labor and a life-sustaining wage.

Wanna talk about pro-life? What about the lives of our own workers and their families?

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