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Instigators of the April 18th Police Assault on Tent University Meet

Chancellor Denton and Mayor Rotkin show their pusses in public on Thursday 3 PM at City Hall and afterwards at a reception. The citizenry can salute them and show their appreciation for their fine "crowd control" tactics up at Tent University on April 18th.

They might also ask them to release the documentation of who directed the "strangulation" tactics, where the figures are for city use of pepper spray, pain compliance holds, display of weapons, and taisering--which Mayor Rotkin has so far refused to release.
All the hacks meeting in one place! What an opportunity for the public to speak out!

Of course, note that Public Comment is not allowed on each individual item but is stalled until the end of the meeting and then limited to one minute (!) per person.

Note also however that there will be a reception afterwards--perhaps an opportunity for TUSC and TUSC supporters to demonstrate pain compliance and strangulation holds for those City Council and UCSC staff too busy to have looked at the videos.

This meeting is OPEN to the PUBLIC. Though Mayor Mike Rotkin declines to give out his appointment calendar, here is one place we can meet and greet him and Denton and let them know what we think of their exciting new police policies!

Their prefabricated agenda follows:

Meeting of the University of California, Santa Cruz And Santa Cruz City Council

Thursday, May 5, 2005
Santa Cruz City Hall Council Chambers
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Meeting Agenda

I. Welcome and Introductions (3:00 – 3:05)
1I. Overview from Mayor Mike Rotkin (3:05 – 3:10)
III Overview from Chan Denice Denton (3:10 –3:15)
IV. Report on Collaborative Initiatives (30 mins.)
a.Housing – Jean Marie Scott & Carol Berg (3:15-3:20 )
b. Transportation -Wes Scott & Mark Dettle (3:20 –3:25)
i. Bus Rapid Transit ii. Alternative access
c. Economic Vitality - Donna Blitzer and Ceil Cirillo (3:25-3:3 i. Advanced Technology Transfer Center ii. Cultural Tourism iii. Sanctuary Visitors Center iv. Tannery Project
v. Additional Opportunities-Bay Area Economics (3:30 –3:35)
d. Good Neighbor Initiative (3:35-3:40)
i. CUIP Internship Program- Anthony Tucci and Kristen Townsend ii. City rental ordinances
e. Alcohol Abuse Awareness and Prevention Task Force (3:40-3:45) Doug Zuidema and Deputy Chief Kevin Vogel

V. Report and Update on Planning (3:45-4:15)
Gene Arner, City Planning Director
Frank Zwart, Associate Vice Chancellor, Physical Planning & Construction

VI.Report on Fall Enrollment and On Campus Housing (4:15-4:20)
Vice Chancellor Francisco Hernandez

VII. Public Comment (4:20-4:45)
Please limit comments to one minute

VIII. Closing Comments (4:45-5:00) Chancellor Denton Mayor Rotkin

5:00 –5:30 p.m. - Reception for all attendees – Council Chambers Courtyard

NOTE: This meeting will be cablecast live on Community Television Channel 25

There will be no oral communications during this special joint meeting. Members of the public have the right to address UCSC and City Council at a time specified on the agenda.

ADJOURNMENT: The City Council will adjourn from the May 5, 2005 Special Joint UCSC/City Council meeting to the next regularly scheduled meeting on May 10, 2005 for a closed litigation session at 1:30 p.m. in the Courtyard Conference Room, followed by 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. open sessions in Council Chambers.

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Re: Instigators of the April 18th Police Assault on Tent University Meet

"Chancellor Denton and Mayor Rotkin show their pusses in public"

Robert, why do you say such stupid things?

blah blah blah

If ANYONE has a hard time understanding why students are tired of UCSC politics and administrators, just look to this joint meeting. A whole bunch of suits. Here's how the meeting will go.... City Council warmly welcomes UCSC suits. UCSC suits warmly thanks City Coucil for opportunity to share all the wram fuzzies UCSC gives the City. Mike Rotkin gets to tell how the meeting will go and why the meeting is important. Introduces Denton. Denton warmly thanks Rotkin for his kind words and introduction. A discussion follows outlining how important the nexus of town and gown is. Then come the rest of the suits...Jean Marie Scott to talk about housing students, projected numbers, projected builds, exciting new initiatives, (ie development in town and maybe around long marine lab). transportation suits to talk about mitigation measures for all the cars destroying the neighborhoods surrounding campus. Discussion of exciting new trans initiatives like...more riding sharing! discussion about alternatve routes into ucsc so new neighborhoods can have their quality of life destroyed! Next comes the economic vitality discussion, ie. now that you have suffered from the negative impact of the university this is what you get! Dance troupes! Poetry readings! Technology nexus (but with foreign workers!) next comes the topic of additional bay area there where we hear about biotech at ucsc and local biotech firms? Then there's the good neighbor initiative...which might be better served if the Univ could stop the 100 person drunken block parties that happen every weekend during the school year. speaking of which is the alcohol awareness report! see sentence before to see how well this program is working! CUIP internship program, a report on how students work for free to help local services decimated by funding cutbacks. Frank Zwart speaks on how most of the back part of the university will be filled in with housing more classrooms, more buildings, and ultimately...what...20,000 or 30000 students? And don't forget all the staff and faculty. Maybe instead of calling it city on the hill we can call UCSC megalopolis on what used to be a forest.


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