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Shout Down Schwarzenegger in Salinas May 11!

NOTE: Last night, the Monterey Bay CLC unanimously adopted a resolution labeling the governor "a threat to civil liberties and public order", and calling on him to either repudiate the Minutemen or resign from office.

Wednesday May 11, California's official "Day of the Teacher/Dia del Maestro" takes on a twisted new meaning as Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger brings his teacher-bashing campaign to the Central Coast.

Already, the Watsonville and Salinas communities were planning after-school events on that date to honor teachers and recognize the valuable work they do.

Between 10 to 12 AM, however, Schwarzenegger will be giving a speech at the new CHP offices at 960 E Blanco Rd in Salinas. Schwarzenegger's main political project, right now, are petitions for a special election to take away teachers rights and further cut funding for schools. The community of Salinas, moreover, drew national attention last month as its reluctant decision to close the libraries made Salinas a "poster child" for opposition to Arnold's fiscal policies.

So now teachers, nurses, firefighters, retirees, others who care about healthcare, education, local services, workers comp and the future of our state will turn out to express their opposition to Arnold's policies.

Wednesday's event will also be significant because of Schwarzenegger's public embrace of the armed vigilate "Minutemen" movement. The irony of Schwarzenegger's visit to the Salinas valley is that the economy of this region is heavily dependent on the labor of some 60,000 undocumented immigrants without rights, and has been for over 60 years. During all these years, the U.S. federal government has failed to establish a reasonable system for Mexican workers to travel to work in dignity and safety, much less extend to them the rights promised to other U.S. workers. And local and state leaders have been silent about this.

So now vulnerable members of the Mexican and American families whose labor fuels our local economy become the targets of an unstable rabble of gun-toting right-wing extremists playing vigilante games on the U.S.-Mexican border... cheered on by the governor of the State of California. If we don't protest now, when will we protest?


Come to Salinas 9-12 Wednesday, May 11!

NOTE: meeting to plan transport, turnout for May 25 demo in Sacto: 6 PM MBCLC offices 10353 Merritt St, Castroville Fore more info contact MBCLC at (831) 633-1869

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SC-IMC metioned in the Monterey County Herald

Governor's critics get ready for protest

Joe Livernois of the Monterey Herald wrote:

"Representatives of the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center are also encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas to "shout down" Schwarzenegger."

Here's a reply:

Not exactly, Joe.

Here's the deal. Santa Cruz Independent Media Center maintains an open publishing newswire. There are no "representatives" of SC-IMC. There are SC-IMC volunteers, but that is a big difference from "representatives." Volunteers do all sorts of things; tech work, outreach, newswire moderation and promotion of articles from the right column to the center column. But, SC-IMC volunteers do not represent any text, audio, photos or video published on this website.

For more information about SC-IMC, please read:

About SC-IMC:

"Santa Cruz Indymedia is not a membership organization; it is a tactic, a concept, and a movement that can be effectively utilized in many different ways."

Also, Joe, I'm guessing that you are refering to this article here:

Shout Down Schwarzenegger in Salinas May 11!

when you write, "Representatives of the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center are also encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas to "shout down" Schwarzenegger."

Where does that article say anything about "encouraging Santa Cruz residents to show up in Salinas..."? The article does not say that at all. It seems to me that GROPE THIS!, the author of the article, is encouraging everyone to protest Arnold, not just Santa Cruz residents.

What? The website has "Santa Cruz" in the title so that means only people from Santa Cruz read it and write it?


Here's The Latest Update From the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council:

Here are the headlines this morning (Wednesday):

"Governor Skips Town, Avoids Angry Voters"

Today, word leaked out from state and local offices that Arnold Schwarzenegger had cancelled his trip to Salinas Wednesday morning to avoid threatened throngs of angry protesters. Immediately, union and community groups announced protests would continue as planned at 9:30 AM, and 960 Blanco Rd at Abbott, near Hiway 101 in Salinas.

"We'll just change the theme of the event," said Monterey Bay Central Labor Council spokesperson Paul Johnston. "It used to be 'Get Out of Town!' Now it's 'And Stay Out!' Also, it's more of a party."

Starting with nurses, and now including firefighters and teachers and many other workers, Schwarzenegger's every public appearance has been dogged for months by California workers angry at being scapegoated for the problems of the state. This is the first known event in which the governor's schedule has been changed to avoid an encounter with workers.

DO come to Salinas this morning. Arnold won't be there... that's because we chased him away. But the people who chased Arnold away... the labor movement... we'll be there.


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