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UPTE Workers Stage One Day Strike

Reasearchers at the University of California, represented by University Professional and Technical Employees Local 9119 held a one-day, system-wide strike Thursday to demand a raise, and better working conditions. 150 people held a noon time rally at the main entrance of UC Santa Cruz.
Bad faith bargaining, and unilateral changes in job duties are key issues for the strike. Lindy Cloud, UPTE state treasurer, says the contract expired last September, and members haven't had a raise in nearly three years.

LC: "We got zero percent increases last year, no step increases within range increases, no cost of living adjustments, and the University made $780 million dollars. Its not that the money isn't there, they just don't want to give it out, that's ridiculous."

A 33% annual turnover rate among research staff has saved UC about $2.5 million.

LC: "When people leave, they get replaced with lower-paid people, it causes stagnation in wages, the University wants to charge us, just to keep the status quo."

UPTE member Jessica Hayden, a researcher in social sciences department for almost five years, loves her job, but says without a raise, she can't afford to stay on.

JH: "I'm taking home less pay today, than I took home in my first paycheck in October 2000, because my parking fees, and health benefits cost more now than they did then."

UPTE bargainers want a contract which awards seniority, and provides incentive for their members to stay on. Talks resume later next week. If demands aren't t met, workers say, they'll explore a larger strike action.

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University Professional and Technical Employees

Re: UPTE Workers Stage One Day Strike


two photos from the upte strike at ucsc

these two photos were taken by josh and can be found by visting the link in the previous comment by josh.

UPTE conducts a one-day strike on all UC campuses

May 26th, 2005 was an historic day for UPTE as it is the first time the union has conducted a one-day strike on all UC campuses.

Visit for photos from the one-day UPTE strike on the UCLA campus:


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