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Youth Boycott Urban Outfitters

Despite a bit of scheduling confusion, about a dozen young people organized a leaflet action on June 12, to encourage a boycott of Urban Outfitters. They're upset that company CEO Richard Hayne, is a major contributor to the Republican Party, and one of the most conservative members of the entire US Senate Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum.

"If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual gay sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. All of those things are antithetical to a healthy, stable, traditional family and that's sort of where we are in today's world, unfortunately. It all comes from, I would argue, the right to privacy that doesn't exist, in my opinion, in the United States Constitution." - Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), Associated Press, 04-22-03

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: Youth Boycott of Urban Outfitters! II Photos: Think Urban Outfitters is Gay Friendly? Think Again!
If you shop at Urban Outfitters you are to supporting homophobia.

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Re: Youth Boycott Urban Outfitters

Someone really has to set up some cameras inside the Santorum household. Just to let him know that he need not be burdened by the fasle right to privacy that so many sinners hide behind.

Re: Youth Boycott Urban Outfitters

Ahhhhh! A private individual of a major corporation is spending his own money on politics!

What's the world coming to? Ruuuuuuun... if this thoroughly despicable display of political freedom is allowed to continue, we're doomed!

On that note, If you shop Ben and Jerry's you support cop killers...

Re: Youth Boycott Urban Outfitters

Anyone got more information on the youth organizers of this action? It'd be great to link 'em up with other high school and college organizers in the area.

Re: Youth Boycott Urban Outfitters

I too am an adult ally for these awesome youth activists and if you want to meet them and exchange info I'd invite you to come to a YCSC meeting Tuesdays at 5pm upstairs at the RCNV. Or call and leave a message for me at 423 1626 xt 103 if you can't make it to a meeting.


>Ahhhhh! A private individual of a
>major corporation is spending his
>own money on politics!
>What's the world coming to?

The issue, of course, is NOT that someone donated money to a politician.

The issue IS that a particular person, Richard Hayne, who makes his money off of your purchases at Urban Outfitters, gives that money to a hateful, religious right, anti-choice homophobe: Rick Santorum.

As such, when you shop at UO, a small part of each dollar you spend ends up in the campaign trough of Rick Santorum.

If you like giving money to reactionary homophobic politicians, then go ahead and shop at UO. Buy your overpriced clothes while simultaneously donating to hatemongers. Have a blast.

But if the idea of hating gay folks and/or preventing women from making their own choices about their own bodies isn't your cup of tea, then you might want to

Bring Stonewall to Santorum

On Saturday June 25th, between two and three dozen activists said "No" to Santorum on a variety of issues, including his bigotted attitudes towards gays and people of color and his maintaining private offices which are closed to the public.

A few dozen activists turned up for the rally and march on Saturday June 25th, starting in Market Square and finishing in Station Square with a stop in front of Santorum's office building.

"Bringing Stonewall" to Santorum was the primary issue, as Santorum has made a number of anti-gay remarks. Stonewall is often considered the start of militant resistance for gay rights when the gay bar called Stonewall in 1969 in Manhattan was raided by police and the patrons fought back.

Another issue brought forward by members of the march is that Santorum keeps a private office in a heavily secured building instead of at the publicly accessible Federal building downtown. This is not the sign of an open democracy with someone who represents his constituents, according to those putting for that issue.

The march proceeded peacefully on the sidewalk from Market Square through downtown and across the Smithfield Street bridge to stop at the building where Santorum has an office. At this juncture, the radical cheerleaders chanted chants, and some spoke about Santorum's record. The march continued into Station Square for the rally following.



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