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Declaring Indepedence from the Dominant Paradigm on July 4th

During the past Independence Day weekend, several concerned residents bipassed picnics and fireworks in favor of a more thoughtful approach to the 229th anniversary of the United States' independence from Great Britain.

On Friday, locals gathered at Seabright Beach for an old-fashioned flag burning party, complete with a bonfire and a large improv band. They saught to draw attention to the current bill pending Senate approval that would outlaw flag burning. More..

Local college students gathered Sunday in downtown Santa Cruz amid pleased onlookers in a demonstration against the corporatization of our culture.

An unusual parade entry in the Aptos World's Shortest Parade generated both applause and boos as members of the MediaWatch and Art and Revoltion project simulated a global power struggle --- with George and Laura Bush behind the wheel of a massive truck and the majority of the world pushing it from behind. More..

4th of July in Aptos

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