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AUDIO: Common Ground Wellness Center in Algiers, New Orleans

On September 14, I visited the Common Ground Wellness Center at 1401 Teche St. in Algiers, New Orleans and had the opportunity to speak with Noah, a volunteer medic from Providence, Rhode Island. (22:02 minutes / 9.4 MB)

Audio Interview: Download the mp3 or Download the torrent

Audio PSA: Download the mp3
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1401 Teche St at Socrates St
Noah discusses the reasons for medical volunteers coming to New Orleans and how they were able to mobilize, the goods and services provided at the clinic, the background of the volunteers, the response of the military to the clinic, the truth about large charity organizations, the role of anarchism in medical aid and how community members feel about the medical clinic and volunteers.

Noah also expresses his anger at the humanitarian crisis caused by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and the directors of FEMA and the Armed Services who are planing to turn New Orleans into a rich white disneyland on the Mississippi River.

Common Ground Wellness Center
1401 Teche St. at Socrates
Home visits are also available

* Note, the last three photos are of the media lab and Malik and Sharon's house on Atlantic Ave. The first nine photos are from the Common Ground Wellness Center on Teche St.

* *

If you can make it out to Texas, Mississippi or Louisiana, your help is definitely needed.

Also, if you can donate money to support independent media for survivors of Hurricane Katrina, that would be very helpful as well.

Vinny and I have put out a request for donations. Please read the following article for information on one important way that you can help out. thanks.

Support Independent Media in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
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This Is Solidarity Not Charity
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Please take only what you need
Click on image for a larger version

toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and shampoo are included in personal hygiene kits
Over the counter medications
Click on image for a larger version

Supplies for sanitation
Click on image for a larger version

Masjib Bilal Mosque in Algiers is now being used as a wellness center
Click on image for a larger version

Baby food, formula, diapers and other baby supplies
Click on image for a larger version

Medicinal herbs are crucial at wellness centers
Click on image for a larger version

An awesome media lab has been created next door to Malik and Sharon's house
Natasha and Logan help set up computers in the media lab
Click on image for a larger version

We are the Common Ground Collective. The name is based on the words of Robert King Wilkerson of the Angola 3

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