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Bus from Central Coast to SF Sept 24!

The Santa Cruz Peace Coalition and Resource Center for Nonviolence are organizing a bus to San Francisco for the ANSWER/United for Peace and Justice Rally Sunday, September 24th. This is expected to be the largest convergence since the March 2003 rally before the invasion of Iraq. Join with others from all over the West Coast in saying, "NO MORE WAR!"
What: Peace Rally/March in San Francisco. March from Dolores Park to Jefferson Square.

Where: Bus departs from Santa Cruz County Building, 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz

When: Saturday, September 24. Bus leaves at 9:00 a.m. Returns to Santa Cruz before 6:00 p.m.

Cost: $20. Tickets can be purchased at Resource Center for
Nonviolence, 511 Broadway, Santa Cruz.

Call for office hours.

Phone: 423.1626

NOTE: Get your tickets as soon as possible. The bus is a earth-friendly, people-friendly way to travel so tickets will probably sell out.

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Re: Bus from Central Coast to SF Sept 24!

Sunday, or Saturday?

Saturday the Sept 24

Why go all the way to San Francisco, again? Why spend the time, money and energy to get there when we can have a protest right here in Santa Cruz. We will be protesting in Santa Cruz!

Stop the War Demonstration September 24th

Demonstration and March against the Iraq War, September 24th, beginning at Noon, at the Santa Cruz County Court House.

It will cost less time, money and effort to protest in Santa Cruz compared with San Francisco. And, this is where we live.

You can try to get to a top-down familiar protest in San Francisco or you can go to a bottom-up protest in Santa Cruz; the choice is yours.

I hope to see you in Santa Cruz on Saturday.

How about we have the next protests in Sunnyvale and Capitola! Let's move around a bit.


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