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Hurricane Relief - List of Types of Donations Most Needed (as of 13 OCT 2005)

The Santa Cruz County based "Follow Your Heart" Hurricane Relief Team is currently collecting donations for their second trip to the Gulf Coast Regions severely impacted by recent hurricanes. Donation collections for person impacted by recent storms started on Wednesday October 5 at the Clock Tower in Downtown Santa Cruz. The collection station is staffed from 8am - 5 pm daily. "Follow Your Heart" has formed an alliance with "Doctors Without Hospitals." The latter organization was founded by Michael Lindley, a 2nd year medical student at Tulane University in New Orleans. Michael is origially from Visalia CA and spoke at the meeting at the Veteran's Hall in Santa Cruz on September 29, 2005. See:

Donatations collected during the October campaign will help in meeting some of the needs being expressed in the areas through which the Santa Cruz County Based relief team will travel. See for recent postings from a local traveling ahead of the relief team who is assessing the situation first-hand and reporting back to the team here on what items are needed most at this time.

The October Hurrican Relief team will leave Santa Cruz County on Wednesday, October 19th. Donations will be transported to the relief areas via tractor-trailer. The team hopes to leave the area with with a 53 ft trailer or or two 23 ft trailers, towed in tamdem. The following table describes the most urgent needs and types of donations being asked for:
FYH_Donations.pdf (18 k)
Donation collection at the Santa Cruz Clock Tower will continue until Wednesday, October 19th.

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Re: Hurricane Relief - List of Types of Donations Most Needed (as of13-OCT-2005)

Follow Your Heart Hurricane Relief Campaign
Items Most Needed (as of October 13, 2005)*

Household Cleanup: Tools & Supplies:
Buckets, mops, sponges, protective gloves, cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc.

Home Repair, Reconstruction, and Rebuilding Tools, Materials, & Supplies:
Hand tools & tool kits (new or used), power tools (new or used in good working condition), all kinds of building supplies & materials

Community Restoration & Yard Cleanup Tools, Materials, & Supplies:
Chain saws, blue tarps, gas containers, yard tools, wheel barrels, etc.

Community Shelters:
Materials & Supplies Large tents, tarps, lanterns, flashlights & batteries, heavy duty extension cords, rope, plastic garbage cans, large plastic storage totes, sleeping bags (new or clean only)

Community Food Preparation, Service & Distribution Centers:
Non-perishable foods (especially canned meats, poultry & seafood products); can fruit & vegetables, grains & cereals, bottled water, bottled drinks (especially juices & power/electrolyte replacement types), protein powders and bars, dried fruit, nuts, trail mixes, large pots, pans and cooking utensils, cook stoves, etc.

Personal Hygiene & Safety Supplies:
Bar soap, hair care products, dental care items, feminine hygiene products, first aid kits & supplies, non-prescription medications, vitamins, etc., new or clean wash cloths and bath towels, waterproof & work gloves (all types, all sizes), personal protection equipment & supplies (safety glasses, ear muffs, sound reduction aids, respiratory system, etc.)

“Everything� for Babies, Infants & Toddlers�
Formula, toddler foods & plastic feeding supplies; disposable diapers & pull ups; baby care & clean-up supplies; new or clean clothes & blankets, buggies, strollers, cribs, high chairs, play pens, carriers, etc.

Clothing & Protective Footwear:
New underwear & socks, thermal wear (new or gently used & clean) for ages & sizes through XXXL; outerwear (jackets, coats, & rain gear), hiking boots, safety shoes & waterproof footwear

* No flammables, combustibles, or pressurized aerosol products can be accepted.


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