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Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War

On October 18, military recruiters returned to UC Santa Cruz for the first time since they were rallied off campus by Students Against War on April 5, 2005. Students Against War organized a protest and hundreds of people rallied and marched to the College 9/10 Dining Hall. The Military and UC held the career fair on the second story of the building and had numerous police officers and administrators guarding the stairs and entrance to the career fair.
Recruiters Tell Lies
A large rally was held outside the Career Fair. Students, both past and present, as well as faculty members, spoke out against the presence of military recruiters on campus, specifically addressing the military's violation of UCSC's Non-Discrimination Policy.

The Bay Area Anarchist Council provided a mobil sound system which was towed on a bike trailer for amplified speechs, discussion and music.

While people were rallying outside the Career Fair, other students were on the inside and used a variety of tactics to prevent the military from recruiting. Queer students and others kissed in front the recruiters and their display. The military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" hiring practices are in violation of the UC system's non-discrimination policy.

Students who had just prevented the military from effectively recruiting, celebrated as they exited the Career Fair. After getting outside and picking up their Student ID card cards, they staged another Queer Kiss-in.

Although many people felt the demonstration was a success, others felt the demonstration was a tactical mistake in the movement to kick recruiters off campuses and a showed a lack of long term version in the struggle against capitalism. Some people wanted to stop all "business as usual" as long as the military was allowed to recruit inside the Career Fair. That is a discussion that deserves a time a space, but as for myself, I feel that it was a very well organized and successful demonstration. But, I also feel that an equal amount of time and effort should go into working with high school students who are being targeted by the military's lies and propaganda.

It is very hard to figure out what are the best moves for us to make in both the short term and the long term struggle, but I am glad that it is mid-October and hundreds, maybe thousands, of UCSC students are well organized and working for social justice at UCSC as well as our local and global communities.

Students Against War put forward the following demands:
  • That all military recruiters leave the Job Fair immediately
  • That the UCSC Faculty Senate vote to join the Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR)
  • That UCSC Faculty and Administration write a resolution promising to officially ban recruiters from campus as soon as either the Solomon Amendment is overturned or when the banning of recruiters would not result in the loss of federal funding
  • That Chancellor Denton express the campus' will to have a discrimination-free university by making a public statement acknowledging that military recruiters are currently only allowed at UCSC because of the Solomon Amendment
  • That no violent of disciplinary actions be taken aaginst students who are putting their personal safety on the line in order to make a non-violent statement against war and discrimination
Stop The Racist Military
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Matt, a student at UCSC who served in the military, explains sexism and discrimination within the military to a crowd of students demonstrating outside the Career Fair
Students Are Not Expendable.
1,967 And Counting!
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My G.I. Joes Are Doin' It
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Keep The Military Out Of Our Schools
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Students hold up signs with demands from the Students Against War
WE DEMAND: That Chancellor Denton publically renounce military recruitment at UCSC
Speaking about the role of the US and Israeli militaries in the occupation of Palestine
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Thanks to the Bay Area Anarchist Council, five College Republicans are not seen here
recalling the free speech movement of the 1960's
Queer students kiss in visual defiance of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
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a queer recruiter
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a Queer Kiss-in

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Re: Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War

Beautiful =]

Re: Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War

notice how they did not ask the corporate recruiters to leave, yet the hippie kids claim they are anticapitalist. I guess they don't want to kill their chances at a nice job once they leave ucsc and
their anti-establishment causes behind.

Re: Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War

I go to the University of Nevada Reno and our Queer Student Union is co-sponsoring a career fair protest. I am amazed at how many people participated in your protest! I wish I went to that school! Our campus is sickeningly conservative so I don't think a kiss-in would go over very well/safely, but I think you guys did an AWESOME job. Very inspiring...thank you.

Re: Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War

Students Against the War offend me - can I have them kicked off campus?

They seem to be discriminating against those that don't think like them... ;)

Re: Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War

It's good that you can protest. People in Iraq and Afghanistan were unable to protest anything until recently. Though it's not covered in the news, the Marshes in Iraq are making a comeback. People have water and power that did not have those comforts during Sadaam's regime. Afghanistan has women on the council. A lot of good, but probably boring and not that newsworthy stuff happens every HOUR. We -- me, my friends and fellows -- helped with that. Military, Iraqi, and Afghan lives were lost for freedom from discrimination. We -- me, and the Soldiers I speak to daily -- are not there for oil or money. I am not a recruiter. I want the war to end too, but not before Iraq is free and Afghanistan is safe from people who don't believe in free speech or education for women. Taliban, Al Queda have demonstrated in the past they will enforce this type of life on people through violence. I will go back again and again until the mission is complete. If you don't want to join me, beautiful. I don't want you here if you don't want to be here. But I do not think it is cool that you would try to stop the recruiters. You might not want to join. But someone else might want to hear what the recruiters have to say. No doubt, if you NEVER went to war, military life is not easy. Early mornings filled with long runs and hard workouts are just the BEGINING of the average day. I don't get the Queer Kiss-in thing, but trust me that would have resulted in death in Afghanistan or Iraq before we got there. How about this: you kiss on, I'll Soldier on, but let the recruiters recruit on. It's choices. It's free speech. It's American. It's what I am fighting about and what you are kissing about.

Check your facts

Check your facts on Afghanistan and Iraq post-invasion. Here's a good start:

"The editor of a women's rights magazine in Afghanistan has been arrested after publishing articles deemed blasphemous."

You might also want to educate yourself on women's rights in our "friends" Saudi Arabia and Israel, and compare those to Iraq prior to invasion.

If you think we are fighting in the middle east to bring "freedom and democracy" to the people, look at what type of government was installed back into Kuwait after ousting Saddam the first time. It you think we're there to fight terrorists, google "Allawi school bus cinema mosque" and read up on our good friend Iyad Allawi.

Re: Check your facts

I think you should check yours. When the Taliban ran things, the Afghan lady -- the subject of your story would have been -- beheaded -- if the Taliban were feeling generous -- not arrested. I know that for a fact. I heard it first hand from Afghan women I spoke to when I was there. I know why I was there. I don't think it. Women's rights will continue to be a struggle. I never said it was perfect. But it is better than when I first got there. It will get better with time. I guess I neglected to mention that I am a female. I am there to fight terrorists -- mainly the Salifist terrorist which is the fastest growing type. Salifists want a Caliphate. Goodle Khalifa and follow the stories there. (Also books are good, check out Inside the Al Queda, Jihad vs. McWorld and every book Karen Armstrong has ever written so that you get a clear picture of the difference between a true Moselem and what is meant by an Islamist.) Al Queda are in the Salifist group. The Al Queda backed the Taliban. The Taliban swooped into a town, took girls as young as 10 in "temporary marriages" and brutalized them. Oh by the way, since women could not be doctors or hold any job of any type and because Women could not be seen by a male doctor, the girls who could not be smuggled to see the Women doctors who ran practices in secret out of their homes, died horribly and painfully from their brutalizations. Stories like this were told to me by Afghan women in Afghanistan. One woman told me her daughter's story to explain why she wished her then 13-year-old daughter had died. Also, since you are into Women's issues, google "honor killing." Al Queda are also big into that. There is nothing more compelling than hearing and seeing things first hand from those people who are intimately impacted. I didn't read it. I didn't google it. It wasn't some press conference content. There were no cameras around. Trust me, I am clear on why I was there and why I am going back. I do not invalidate your opinion. Your opinion is formed by what you see and hear and experience. My opinion is formed by those same forces. All I am saying is that in the interests of all things American let the recruiters recruit. I am sure there is room for all points of view particulary on a college campus.


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